Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'S Up.

The day after J. had his talk with the VP I asked him if he had had any contact with the kid who threatened him. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: "So did you see that kid today?"
J: "Yes"
Me: "Did he say anything to you?"
J: "Yep. He said 'S up. Mom, that's slang for 'What's up'."
Me: "Ah. Gotcha."

I was chuckling because, amazingly I already knew what 'S up meant. So far so good. J. hasn't had any more problems with this kid. We actually were able to talk with both VP's when we went to Parent/Teacher conferences. They were held that same day that J. had gone in and talked with the VP. We've had contact with the one VP before but this was our first contact with the Mr. N. He was very nice. Actually he played football for T.'s dad when he was a coach at the high school so I guess that's a plus.

J. is doing okay in school. He struggles with handing things in when he is supposed to. He doesn't do homework very well. It's not that he doesn't understand the stuff it's just hard for him to keep organized and on top of things. We got positive feedback from all his teachers and I am grateful for them. I swear, all Jr. High teachers need to be given sainthood as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't deal with those kids day in and day out.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Just think of Michele and all those rotten 8th graders!

Glad things seem to be going well for J now. :)

Just SO said...

Yes. Michele is a Saint!!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear things are good!

s'up Slacker :)