Thursday, December 31, 2009

Before Breakfast Conversation

(I'm just going to jump back in here and pretend I haven't been neglecting this blog. Play along with me mmmkay?)

This morning the kids were milling around the kitchen, as I was cooking pancakes for breakfast. George was looking at something and said "Hey this is made in Japan!" So what was the first thing that pops into my head.

Why this of course...

Turning Japanese <-----------Click on that link to watch the video on YouTube. It's worth it just to watch the lead singer swing a sword around.

I started singing it and my kids thought I had lost it.

Then I kept thinking that there was a song called "Made in Japan" but I couldn't think of the tune for the life of me.

Uh...that would be because the song was called "BIG in Japan" by Alphaville.

BTW I did not realize how creep-tastic the lead singer for Aphaville was until I watched this video.

Just another morning in the O. household.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This second Christmas season without dad has been harder than the first.

I have some dear friends who have lost their dads this year. And other dear friends who have also lost loved ones.

This song is for you.
And for me.
And for anyone who is missing someone this Christmas.

Love you dad.
Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009


So I figured I should update about the email from the talk show and, you know, other stuff.

I called the producer and he told me that they were doing a show about different parenting styles but that another staffer had taken over that specific project and he had given her my info. Supposedly she was going to call me but I've yet to hear the phone ring and have someone from the show on the other end.

(funny side I typed "I've yet to hear the phone ring"...the phone actually rang. How bizarre would that have been if it was the show on the other end? It wasn't.)

I have a feeling that I wasn't "fanatical" enough in my parenting style to warrant the call back. That's okay. It was still interesting just to get a contact email from them. So I was Denied. ;)

Things have been busy here. I've been trying to get Christmas all "wrapped up" as it were. I did get out and get most of the shopping done but I know that I'll be going out on Christmas eve to finish things up. Tomorrow morning our church is doing a Breakfast with Santa which I'm in charge of. I have to be there at 6:45 to help get things cooking. It goes until 10:30.

Tuesday was George and McKenna's chance to perform at the local mall with the school choir. I got the times mixed up and totally missed the performance. McKenna was in tears when we arrived because she was so angry/sad that we had missed it.

(I'd just like to take the time now to tell any future psychiatrist "You're Welcome" as this event will probably line your pocket someday.)

Thankfully they had a show at the school later on that day so we were able to make it to that one. We sat smack dab on the front row. Maybe that will alleviate the time needed on the couch.

Thursday night was Jillian's 1st grade sing and Jona's Christmas band concert. They were an hour apart. And they both did great.

I've been working on cutting up my dad's old Levi's in order to make pillows out of them for my mom to give to the grandkids for Christmas. I have all but one pair cut up. I need to make 37 throw pillows total. That and I got it in my head that I wanted to make Cake Balls to take around for neighbor gifts this year. To facilitate this I have an 11 pound block of white dipping chocolate sitting on my counter. 11 pounds.

I don't know if I will accomplish everything but I'm going to give it a shot.

The Christmas Spirit has been slow in coming to me this year. I'm finally not changing the radio station when a Christmas song comes on. Hopefully the Spirit will be in full swing by next Friday. I hope it's in full swing at your house.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just when I think that I've got nothing to blog about so I should just go on hiatus for a while

  • I get an email from a nationally syndicated talk show wanting to talk to me about this post. Pretty crazy. I don't want to say too much here on the blog because I don't know exactly what's going on but I did talk to a producer of said show for a short time tonight and "supposedly" will be getting a call back. We shall see.
  • I did not get the job as a scrapbook artist. Yes I was (am) bummed out about it. I'm still deciding if I want to try to get a different job elsewhere. I'm not really sure about being able to take a whole lot of rejection...which I am pretty sure would be coming my way. What with me not having been in the work force for 15 years and all.
  • I have been sick for the last while. Not the flu but a bad enough cold/virus that all I have wanted to do is sleep. I'm finally feeling up to giving my blog it's Christmas make-over.
  • Since all I've pretty much done is sleep I haven't been reading or commenting on blogs. Forgive me?
  • I need to remember that things effect my oldest son differently than my other kids. We were almost in an accident on the freeway tonight and I'm pretty sure he thought we were going to die. He got very stressed out about it. Poor kid.
  • I have pretty much no Christmas shopping done so I will probably be absent from blogland for another little while.
  • Thanks for sticking with me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh No She Di'int!

Time for another installment...

  • I did did not sit at a stop sign a few extra seconds waiting for the light the next block up to change to green.
  • I did did not wear my underwear inside out for almost a whole day without being aware of it.
  • I did did not think that purple nerds that had been spilled in my downstairs bathroom were mice poop. This did did not make me panic until I figured out I was mistaken.
  • I did did not mow the leaves up that were on my driveway and sidewalk instead of raking them or sweeping them up. That would just be lazy and make my neighbors wonder if I was crazy.
  • When I went to see New Moon I did did not giggle slightly when Jacob "climbs" up to Bella's window because I was was not thinking of the episode of The Office where they were doing Parkour.

(If you haven't seen this clip then you MUST, MUST watch it
otherwise the last comment I make will not be as funny.)

  • Which of course did did not mean that I couldn't contain myself and call out softly "Parkour!" into the darkness of the theater.