Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer in Three Parts - July


Oh July. You had so much planned for us.

Of course you brought with you the Fourth with it's tradition Nielsen Family sleepover and Breakfast.

And then came the Ormond family BBQ. Oh July you showered us with an over abundance of yummy food, blue eyes, watermelon, adorable kids, and a little red wagon with a little bit of yoga thrown in for good measure.

July you also gave my two oldest brothers, Roger and Brad, a chance to have their log saw over at Provo's freedom festival. In honor of 100 years of Scouting. My brothers are really big into Scouting. So of course it was a must that I take mom over so she could scope out the situation. And Jona and George even agreed to help out for a while.

And once you got going there was no stopping you. Next on your agenda was Girls Camp. Oh how I love girls camp. That was one thing I did get the chance to blog about.

After girls camp came more good times swimming in general. And July, you even gave Jillian the courage to take on swimming lessons. Which, by the way, she rocked.

Then, July, you treated us to a wonderful show of Willy Wonka with my awesome nephew A.J. playing the part of Charlie.

He. Was. Awesome. There will come a day when I will be saying "I knew him before he was a big star."

McKenna wanted a picture with Mr. Wonka.

Of course you couldn't leave without the 24th. The kids and I went up to Salt Lake to the float preview.

We saw this most awesome of vehicles on the drive up there.
And then there were Eagles,
And Scriptures
And Donkeys
And Dragons

And a large amount of Crickets
And a VERY large fish
A crazy (and slightly terrifying) Mountain Goat
Joseph and the Pharaoh were even there!
Of course there were Cacti
And Rattlers
And Sego Lilies
An owl
And it wouldn't be complete without a crazy Seagull
July, you also brought us a fun trip up to Snowbird to spend time with Ty's side of the family. We love family. And the kids love to play up at Snowbird in the pool with their cousins. They also got a chance to climb the rock wall that is up there. And they love their Grandma and Grandpa.

And then, Oh July, THEN you ended on a lovely high note with the first annual Nielsen Family reunion...

Thank you July. It was a blast!!
Can't wait for next year!