Monday, July 2, 2012

Let me 'splain

or as my dear friend here would say...

No, there is too much.  
Let me sum up.

Woke up with headache
Four hours of yard work (plus more to come later on tonight)
Learned the hard way why one should wear long
pants when using a weed eater
Kids fighting
PMS x 2
Durango dying
Having to borrow a vehicle in order
to get scouts to final Scuba dive
Scuba diving instructor a no show.
Stress eating at McDonald's

On the bright side...
Despite the headache I still got my morning walk in
The Durango didn't do this in California
I'm down 5 pounds in spite of that
stress eating

(And I still need to get the Cali trip down here, you know, for posterity and all)