Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Fail

Or in other words why you should not purchase a Valentine's day card when you are not feeling well....

This is the card that I purchased for Tyran, my sweet husband.

I thought I had done so well.

I loved the look of it.

The simple straight forward message.

It wasn't until I went to sign it this morning to slip into his work bag that I realized my mistake.

Hey hon.

I have a card that you can give to me today.

Love ya!

Heading out the door to find another card.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In which I struggle

Today I wrote love on my arm for TWLOHA.

It was surprisingly difficult.

It made my heart ache.

Because last year on the day that I wrote love on my arm I lost my sister.

So I struggle today....and tomorrow (and always) for tomorrow it will be a year.

I love you Pam.

My love for you is written on my arm today

and in my heart always.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super weekend

This past weekend was Superbowl Sunday....but not for us.

Our weekend was super in a much different, and to me, more important way.

On Saturday my sweet 8 year old Jillian made the decision to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

She asked that her big brother Jona be the one to baptize her.

At home before leaving for the baptism.
Jillian and Jona by a picture of Christ just before the baptism.
Jillian ready to go.

And Jilli and Jona after the baptism.
Watching Jona baptize Jillian is a moment I will treasure forever.

Jillian was confirmed a member and given the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday by her dad.
This is Jilli and her best friend in the wide world. She would love to be adopted into his family and spends so much time at his house she could probably already be considered part of that household already. I'd be surprised if they couldn't claim her on their taxes somehow.

Not only did have Jillian's baptism and confirmation but George was ordained a
deacon and received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday as well.

I was not feeling well and so while I got pictures of Jillian on her special day I totally spaced taking a picture of George and Tyran. I feel bad about that but what can you do? I'll take some pictures this coming Sunday of my new Deacon.

It really was a Super weekend. I just wish that I had felt better so that I could have enjoyed it more.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


That's me.

Figuratively not literally. I'm nothing close to a lightweight literally.

But give me any type of medicinal help starts in hyrdoco and ends in done and I become a lightweight.

Nay, lightweight is still to tough.

I become a FEATHERrweight.

Yesterday I went to the Dr for some help fighting off a sickness that has been plaguing me for the past week. He faxed in a prescription for a Zpack and some cough syrup. I stopped on my way home and picked them up from the drugstore.

I took the first two pills from the Zpack while in the car. When I got home I glanced at the cough syrup looking for the tell tale yellow sticker that says "Caution: May cause drowsiness" and was surprised and pleased that there wasn't one on the bottle. I thought to myself "Awesome something I can take during the day and still get stuff done." (I didn't look at the actual name. I don't know why but I didn't.) I wasn't coughing right then so I thought I would wait to take some. Thank heavens I did.

Around 2 p.m. I decided that it was time to dose myself with some of that non-drowsy cough syrup. I looked at the dosage and it said to take one to two teaspoons every 6 hours as needed. Cool. I could take one dose now and then still be able to take one before bedtime. I'd been hacking pretty good so I opted for the two teaspoon option. Bad, bad idea.

At 2:20 I hopped in the Durango and drove up to pick up Jona from school. Came back home and was sitting here at the computer. I started to feel kind of tired but just figured it was because I had been up and about more than I had for past week. You know getting up and getting ready to go to the Dr., running to the store for my mom and getting Jona from school. McKenna got home around 3:00 she came downstairs and was talking to me telling me about school.

That's when the fuzziness hit. That's when I realized that the cough syrup was NOT non-drowsy. I got up walked five feet to the cough and dropped. The thing with the with me and hydrocodone is that it knocks me down but not out. I can still usually hear and understand what's going on around me but I can do anything. If I had taken that stuff any earlier there would have been no way I could have gone to pick up Jona.

But hey, I wasn't coughing.

Tyran called to see how I was doing at 5:00 and I told him what had happened. That's when I had McKenna get me the info on the cough syrup from upstairs. That's when I saw the actual name. As I chatted with Ty I said well it lasts for 6 hours so I should be okay around 8 tonight and reminded me how severely this type of drug effects me. I tried to be hopeful.

I thought that maybe if I got up and started moving around that I would be able to just "shake it off" so I got up, folded and put away a load of laundry and then I was back down on the couch. Ty and McKenna left for yoga, Jilli was having dinner at a friends house and the boys were home with me. I ate a few Triscuts and had some sips of DP to drink.

That's when things went from bad to worse. I got nauseated. And when I say nauseated I mean lay in one position no one move the couch or touch me or move really quickly in my line of site nauseated. It was horrid. I thought what if I have the flu?? I can't have the flu. But nope it was from that darn cough syrup.

But hey, I wasn't coughing.

When the nausea subsided is when I noticed my heart and the "lightheadedness". My heart felt like it does when it's flipped out before and my head and face were slightly numb. Lovely. I sat on the couch until 11 and then decided to see if I could get more comfy in bed. That lasted until 1 a.m. and I had to move back out to the couch where I finally fell asleep sitting up.

I still don't feel all that great and my face is still a little tingly and the cough is back.

Will I be taking any more of that cough medicine?

Nope. I think I'll stick with the cough drops.

And next time I won't look for that darn sticker. I'll check the actual name.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plant Cell Pizza - It's what's for dinner

As part of McKenna's science class she had to make a model of a cell out of food.

So the other night for dinner we had Plant Cell Pizza. She did a pretty good job.

Can you see the similarities?

It didn't taste bad either.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I kinda, sorta love right now

This stuff has made it possible for me to semi function.
Although this is nasty it's the only thing that would
take care of my sore throat and make it so I could actually sleep
through the pain.
My humidifier. After waking up at 1 a.m. and not being
able to sleep I plugged this in and felt the sweet relief of
humidified air.
I only wish we had a whole house humidifier.
One day.... that will be mine.
Vaseline is the only thing that keeps my lips from
jumping off of my face screaming because they are so
dry and sore from breathing through my mouth all the time.
I usually don't like cough drops because of the taste.
I LOVE. Not only do they taste good but they have
just enough "vapor action" that they keep my
sinuses open.
And for when I need extra "Vapor action" I slather
this under and all around my nose.
These little beauties used in conjunction with
the Vicks Vaporub have kept at least
one of my sinus passages open at all times.
I've even contemplated wearing them out in public...
so far I haven't been quite that desperate.
They have been my salvation.
And these...
I have been trying to make it through this cold using
good old fashioned TP but my nose rebelled.
It was completely red and chapped and so sore.
I made a special run to the store to just for the Puffs.

I hope that I won't have to lean on these much longer.
I want to be well.