Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's not a toomah....or a blow fly

This scene from the movie Kindergarten Cop is one that I quote on a fairly frequent basis...

But now I'll be substituting the word "toomah" for "Bot Fly"

Why? you may ask.

The other day my daughter Jillian had a little bump on her leg that was red and swollen and sore. Ty took a look at it and realized that it needed to be "lanced" as it were. So he took care of it midst much screaming and possibly name calling.

Today when we came home from church I had a conversation with Jilli where she informed me that she thought she knew what that bump on her leg was from. So of course I inquired what she thought it was. And she told me that she figured out that it must have been a Bot Fly.

What? I turned and looked at her and asked her where she had even heard of a Bot Fly. She then proceeds to go into her room and return with a book called 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet. Great book. I guess she purchased it at the book fair from school last year...unbeknownst to me.

So yeah. She was thinking that she had a Bot Fly in her. Lovely. I calmly explained that it most definitely was NOT a Bot Fly. That there was no possible way that she could have this horrible insect in her.

Did you watch that video? Did you see that kid that said "It might be tumor?" That kid right there is Jillian. We are fighting hard against raising a hypochondriac but with this latest Bot Fly incident I'm not sure how good of a job we are doing.