Monday, February 11, 2013


Do you ever want things to happen and yet get the feeling that they just aren't going to?  Does that even make sense?

If you have feelings like this could it be the Spirit prompting you not to move forward or do these feelings cause it to become a self fulfilling prophecy?

I don't know.

All I know is that I have just felt blocked at every turn.

And now I feel horrible because I didn't try harder to "make it work".


Monday, February 4, 2013

Good times in Wally World Parking Lot

Friday afternoon I went to WalMart.  My printer was out of ink and I needed a card reader to get pictures off of my SD card.  So McKenna and I hopped in the Durango and scooted off to our local Wally World.  I know many people voice their deep dislike for this store.  I'm not a huge fan but in all honesty it is where I do much of my shopping. I have never had a really bad experience there.  Until this day.

I had was finished up with my shopping and was pretty pleased.  They had a USB card reader for around $8 and I had gotten a black ink cartridge.  We were back in the Durango and ready to get on home.  I put the car into reverse and did a quick look to see if anyone was coming.  Nope.  Put the vehicle into motion, look in the rear view mirror and see black car, back up lights aglow, heading straight for us.

I throw the car into drive as fast as I can and as I start to press on the gas I hear and feel the "bump".  Oh joy.

Then as I am pulling the Durango back into the stall I hear the driver of the other car start to yell....


Seriously, at the top of his lungs, so that the entire parking log can hear.

I look at McKenna and say "Great."

Getting out of the car I didn't even look if there was damage to my car I walked over to the gentleman and said very quietly.  "I'm sorry.  Is there any damage?"  I couldn't see any as I walked up to the car.  He is still kind of huffing and puffing. Looks at his bumper and can see that it's okay.  He then kind of sheepishly apologizes.

"I'm sorry."  He says, "I am trying to quit smoking."

I assure him it's all good.  We do another look to make sure there isn't any damage.  I can see his wife sitting in the front seat looking back at me.  She seemed kind of scared/embarrassed.  He says that we don't need to contact insurances, though he is covered he tells me.  As he is getting into his car he again apologizes for freaking out because he is trying to quit smoking.  I tell him good luck.

As I go to get back in my car I glance at the bumper to make sure there isn't any damage.  There is a group of people walking up to the store who have witnessed the whole incident.  And one of the guys says to me  "That guy needs to go to some of those yoga classes on the back of your car."  (Referencing the vinyl lettering that is advertising my husband's yoga studio)  I chuckle and say,

"He said he's trying to quit smoking."

Although, the yoga classes would probably help with that as well.