Thursday, December 6, 2007


The VP called me while I was right in the middle of a dr's appt. with j. I didn't eve look at my phone to see who was calling. If I had I would have answered it. He left a good long message though and I'm wondering if T. and I could stop and chat with him tonight at P/T conferences.

He said that J was able to identify this kid and he called him into his office to ask him about it. The kid said that he only knew Jona slightly and that he never slammed his locker or threatened him. (I don't know why I expected this kid to own up to it.) The principal said that he felt that the kid was telling the truth but he told him that if anything was happening that it needed to stop immediately. He also told J. that if anything else happens to go directly to him (the VP) right away. Hopefully this will be the end of things. If it isn't, I tell you what. That bully messed with the wrong kid. I will do everything in my power to protect my son from kids like him and I know T. will probably go twice as far as I would.

So that kid better watch his step! J. should be getting home from school in a bit. Wait, there's the doorbell. Off to check on J.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to keep us posted, OK? I hope the VP talking to the student helped make things better and not worse. Sometimes it's enough to scare them into shutting up. I hope that's true for this kid. {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

ditto what she said!