Sunday, March 1, 2009

Salesman Update

Well the salesman was a no show for church today. Which Ty and I both felt bad about. The kids were bummed out as well. But hopefully he will read the BOM that I gave him and will try to find out more about our church. I don't know if Ty will keep trying to get a hold of him or not. He said he was here in Utah for a month but for all we know that month ended yesterday and he flew home.

I'm just grateful for the experience that we had with him. It was very cool and made me realize that we need to do more missionary work. Even though we live in the middle of Utah and feel that there isn't much missionary work for us to do.

Clarification. In my original post about the salesmen I spoke of a news story about a lady that had been stabbed by someone when she opened her door to them. It turns out that the wound was self inflicted. Yes. She stabbed herself. Here is a link to the story. Just want to make sure that things here are as truthful as possible.


springrose said...

My sister had a neighbor in northern Idaho that did the same thing to herself, so WEIRD!!

And as far as the missionary experience goes, even if he did go home and doesn't read the book right away, you will have touched his life in some way! And maybe years down the road he will remember or something will happen and he will read the Book of Mormon and possibly join the church. What a great example you are to all of us by bein willing to go out of your comfort zone and talk about the church with a stranger, it can be so hard!

Kristina P. said...

After my last PostSecret post, I had a girl in Germany email me about the church. She said that she dated a guy who was a member and always felt like she should join, but had a lot of questions and didn't want to go to the missionaries.

We had several email conversations, and she seemed so interested! And then she dropped off the face of the earth. I've emailed a couple of times, and nothing.

It was sort of disappointing, but I hope that someone else comes around and is able to help her with the gospel. I'm sure you guys laid such a great foundation.

Bobie said...

I'm sorry the salesman didn't show up. That is disappointing. However, I know you made a difference in his life.

Stabbed herself?? What the???

Anonymous said...

Sorry he didn't show up but maybe he's thinking things through for a bit.

Either way, it's still a good thing to be very careful about answering your door to strangers.

Missy said...

As Bobie said, you did indeed have an impact. You planted a seed. Prayers to you and him!

ramsam said...

That's one Book of Mormon thatis out in somebody's hands, and who knows where it will end up and who else may read it! That is always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

sad story of the woman :(

and you have planted the seed girl, that is for sure. :)

Help Que and Brittany Adopt said...

You planted a seed even though you may not ever see the fruits of it. Hopefully he will continue to seek the gospel!

PS: I saw that news story (that she had stabbed herself). Duh.

tiburon said...

Sorry about the salesman - that stinks.

I actually know the girl that stabbed herself. It is a very sad story.

She is getting help though.