Friday, March 20, 2009

Grandma Louise

She passed away 6 years ago. It's her birthday today. She was (and is) an amazing woman. Her talents were many.Baby Louise

Sunday evenings of my youth were spent in her back yard. Enjoying her homemade ice cream and cake. Climbing the trees in her yard, playing no bears are out tonight or hide and seek with my many cousins. On Winter evenings playing board games or watching the wonderful world of Disney.

Her cooking was legendary. Especially the aforementioned homemade ice cream and cake. Often we had Sunday dinner with her and Grandpa George. My mouth still waters at the thought of her homemade individual meat pies. She was a "lunch lady" at the local high school for many years at a time before most of the meals came out of can.

The sewing machine or a needle was her brush and fabric was her canvas. Every year she would make each of her grand daughters a new dress for Easter. Oh how I looked forward to that special Sunday when I would slip into her newest creation and feel like a princess.

On Christmas morning her house was the first stop on the list. She had a gift for each grandchild and great-grandchild as the family grew, handmade with love by her. One year it was fabric teddy bears. Another big huge pillows shaped like a foot. And another it was personalized Christmas stockings.

Then there were her quilts. As each grandchild would get married she would make them a quilt. Me, I was doubly blessed. Do you know of, or do you remember the "Puff Quilts"? Well I wanted one. There wasn't even a boyfriend in the picture but she and I went out and picked out fabric. She wasn't even sure how to go about putting it together but that didn't stop her. She took the challenge. We cut and stuffed and sewed. All the while watching the Olympics that being held in Barcelona, Spain. It was beautiful. Colored cream, maroon and deep green

When we finished it up she wanted to put it into a quilt show in town. I agreed. Then she said we had to come up with a name for it. In honor of the time spent watching the Olympics as we put it together we named it the "Barcelona".

This is me and Grandma standing by the Barcelona at the show. (Don't you love my socks and Birq's?)

She met my three older kids and got to hold each of them. She passed away in November of 2002. I was pregnant with my last. I believe she got to hold her up in heaven and then sent her one her way down to me.
I've missed her these last few years. A couple of years ago I had a dream. It was a seriously bizarre dream. (And for me to say that is big because my dreams are usually pretty strange.) But in the middle of all the bizarreness I looked to my right and there was my Grandma Louise. Dressed in white and young. She was among friends and she looked at me with a bit of surprise.

Then she said to her friends "Wait! There's my grand daughter. I need to go and say hi!" Then she walked over to me and wrapped me in the most delicious hug. It was wonderful. She went back among the other people I went on my way and my bizarre dream continued. It was amazing. And I will always remember it.

So I'm remembering my Grandma Louise today. My dad is now with her. I wonder if they celebrate birthday's up in heaven? If they do I hope she's having a beautiful day and celebrating it with my Grandpa and my dad. Love you Grandma. Happy Birthday!


springrose said...

That was so sweet, Grandmas are the best! This post makes me miss my Grams all the more than I do on a daily basis, and it has been 19 year since she passed away! WoW!! It seems like only a few years ago! I can't wait to see her again!

Shauna said...

What a precious post and Grandma! L♥ve and Hugs!

Bee and Rose said...

What a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman:) I loved the part about the Easter dresses! How special! Thanks for sharing your memories!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful tribute!

I miss my Grandma so much, sometimes it hurts! And I STILL dream about her almost every night and it's been 3 years. I can still smell her.....

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely wonderful memory of your Grandma. I have had dreams like that about my Dad. I really think they're somehow checking in on us, don't you? I just need to think that.

And yes, I remember the sandals and socks phase and you made me laugh really hard when I saw that.

I know I've told you before but I really love your site design.

Fiauna said...

Oh how sweet. Oh, and I love the socks and 'stocks. What a flash from the past.

Neurotic Chic said...

I love reading about other people's special relationships with family members. That was really neat, S.

Something about your expression in that quilt photo makes me think of j.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

That was such a beautiful post about your grandmother. It sounds like you had an amazing woman for a grandmother and lot of wonderful memories.

Christa said...

That was a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing.

Bobie said...

I love Grandma Louise. She sounds absolutely amazing!!

Jo said...

I hope I am lucky enough to be loved by my grandbabies like this. You were very blessed to have her and visa versa.