Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Five

  1. Well I missed Love Thursday. It seems that I forget about it more often that not. And that's not a good thing. Why is it that things seem to slip through the cracks in my brain?
  2. M. was in a storytelling festival yesterday and did a great job. She told the story of Goldy Locks and the Three Bears. She made it to the top of her school level but did not move up to district. That's o.k. though because she did her best and had fun!
  3. I'm actually keeping up with my house work. For two days so far but two days is two days. It's the weekends that kill me because everyone is home all day everyday and it seems that things just go to pot.
  4. The weather here has been FABULOUS! I've actually thrown open my windows in attempt to air out my house. Today it's supposed to almost hit 60 degrees! WOOT! Unfortunately we also have the worst air quality in the country so I'm not sure about getting out and walking. But it's beautiful out there. My tulips and crocus are poking up in my front flower beds and I can actually see my lawn! I love it.
  5. So in honor of the coming of Spring and my looking forward to the blossoms "popping" out on our trees here's this picture from last year.

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Tyran, the Yeti Yogi said...

Have I ever mentioned that you REALLY should do SOMETHING with your fabulous photography? Oh, that's right . . . I have!