Tuesday, February 12, 2008

14 things I love

I was tagged by Stacey for this. In honor of Valentines day. I like this idea.

  1. Laughter. I love to laugh whether it be a small giggle or a big belly laugh. I also enjoy watching others laugh.
  2. Music. It can reach me in ways that nothing else can.
  3. My husband. Who believes in me and loves me more than anyone else....even myself.
  4. My children. Who love me unconditionally with the love that only children know how to give.
  5. Photography. I love seeing things through the camera lens. And I love how those images help me to remember things that otherwise would slip through the cracks in my mind.
  6. The family I grew up in. It formed and shaped me into the person I am today.
  7. Learning. I love learning about new ideas and things.
  8. Color. I really love color. The many different shades and hues that are out there. This is another thing that can really speak to me.
  9. My religion. I love the peace and the anchor that it gives my life.
  10. Re-arranging furniture. Yes, I really love to do this. Ask my dh if you don't believe me.
  11. The Change of Seasons. I love watching the buds come out in Spring. The color of new green in the lawn. I love the warming and lengthening of the days as Spring turns to Summer. I love the vibrancy of the colors in Fall and how the air turns crisp and cold. And the first Snows of Winter.
  12. The smell of rain. Anytime, anywhere....but especially in the mountains among the Pines.
  13. Thunderstorms. The bigger the better.
  14. Being Creative. I love to think of creative and different ways to do things. Sometimes it take a long time for an idea to come to fruition but I love it when it does.


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