Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When what to my horrified eyes should appear?

But acid washed jeans, fashion from yesteryear!

In my travels around the web there are many side bar adds that pop up, as I am sure it is with you. The other day though, there on the side of some page I was surfing was a long leggy model wearing, yes, acid washed jeans....and they were pegged.

Not "skinny". Pegged. Lets just tell it like it is people. I guess Acid Washed Jeans are back. WHAT! Say it isn't so. Please.

And since I live in Utah...notice the date on that article? That was clear back in February. HA! I'm behind the times, people. Behind the times. Plus I don't go shopping very much, especially not to malls so I really have no idea what's out there.

Listen. I am a child of the 80's. I was there. I lived it. And lets face it, the fashion was bad.

The pegged jeans and not just the ones that were sewn...the ones
that were rolled. Did you know that Katie Holmes has been wearing her pants like this? Did you? Katie! STOP. People follow your fashion. They think you have some type of fashion sense but peg rolling jeans makes no sense. It looks good on, well, pretty much no one.

The same goes for the "skinny" jean. Seriously. How many people do you know that look good in a skinny jean?

And how about those layered Izod's with the collars popped up? Ha! I totally remember this. The most I layered and popped though? Two shirts max.

Now on to the leg warmers. Leg warmers? I didn't get those in the 80's and I saw some on sale at WalMart just the other day. And again. Who looks good in these? Who has the legs to pull of that extra bulkiness at the ankle? Not me.

And in my surfing for pictures to punctuate my rant. I have found that again. I am behind the times. I guess stirrup pants have been making a comeback as well. ACK!

Please can't we leave the fashion from the 80's in the past? Buried. Where it well and truly belongs? I'm beggin' ya.


Brooke said...

You have absolutely got to be kidding me. I saw leg warmers at Smiths Marketplace the other day and thought for sure it was a mistake. Don't worry, I will never wear any of these things - again. Yes, I did wear them in the 80's, but I can say that my mom made me because, let's face it, I was 9. I love my flare jeans. I will never go back. They make my thighs and but look just a little bit smaller than they really are.

Erin said...

I wore every single one of these way back when I was 10 or 11 and thought I was the coolest. Then we had a foreign exchange student from France come to our house and laugh at my rolled pants, and I never wore them that way again.

Brittany Marie said...

We can all look to Napoleon Dynamite for backward fashion inspiration. Side ponytails and stirrup pants ROCK. And as in "rock" I mean SUCK.

"I want to be foreever young... do you really want to live forever... forever... foreverrr???...."

Kristina P. said...

Not only is Katie wearing her pants like this, but she is wearing TOM'S pants like this. The horror.

Anonymous said...

isn't that hillarious?

a burger king commercial cracked me up the other day, guy calls the girl AT Bk and at the end she says ' are you the guy inthe jean shorts?"

totally busted a gutt!

love the 80s baby!

Anonymous said...

Ugh - pegged jeans are back??? I was all over those in high school, but am glad they are gone. Or were gone. :/

Shauna said...

LOL :)

i'm erin. said...

AMEN! I totally agree...and the sad thing is, the super skinny girl in the stirrup pants doesn't look good at all, so for all the normal people out there, those dang ugly pants will just accenuate even more of my butts ugliness!

why, why, why are the fashion mongers ruining my life!

Brooke said...

80's fashion sucked in the 80's and it sucks still! Give me some great dark wash trouser jeans (flattering on nearly everyone), some long, lean layering tee's if you feel the need to layer, and socks if your ankles are cold. With boots for extra coverage (no, not moon boots). Keep the ponytail kind of loose and in the middles and we're good to go!

Wendyburd1 said...

ALL those pants were supposed to be destroyed years ago!! I LOATHE skinny jeans, they only look okay if you are SKINNY and even then I am thinking, HOW are you not getting a wedgie?!!

I HATE that all these designers think they are all so creative...for what? That was designed by someone else 20 years ago and cost 20 bucks then but you charge 200!!!

Martha H. said...

I just have to say "NO!" to the pegged leg pants and the stirrup pants. Seriously, people! Are there no new ideas out there in the world? I'm really scared right now. I think I need to find someone to hold me...

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that once...not going there again! Please, say it isn't so!

Fugal Family said...

Don't forget scrunch socks!! I also wore those by the layers. When I was a kid my sister wanted acid wash jeans so bad, but my parents couldn't afford them. So she soaked some black jeans in bleach trying to give them the same affect. Needless to say, it didn't work.

Teresa Jordan said...

Hey! Where did you find all of these pictures of me? ha ha

Stirrup pants should be against the law. I used to wear them with a big long sweater on top . UG-LEE!!!!

the fowlers said...

i have to admit to you that i own:

"skinny" jeans.
stirrups - but they're leggings, so is that okay?
and i'm eying some leg warmers we sell at the store where i work.

this is our revenge for you guys letting us dress the way we did in the late nineties!
i mean, jnco jeans? those four-inch platform tennis shoes? corduroy overalls? gross.

i'm not all retro - i try to keep it real.

one thing we sell in our store that should never come back is the adult onesie.

look here:

i had one when i was a kid. never again.

tiburon said...

I rocked all these looks.

LOVED them!!

I am waiting for the jackets and gloves with the fringe to come back...