Thursday, December 18, 2008

Davey and the First Christmas

This is what I tried to get my mom for Christmas this year. It is a pop-up book from the 50's that I remember loving as a child. Ours didn't pop up so well any more but I loved the story and I know mom loved that book more than I did. Unfortunately that book was loved to it's death.

So this year I tried to get it for my mom as her Christmas present. It's out of print so I went to ebay. There were four of them up for sale. The highest I could go was between $55 and $60. The first two books I lost out on because I couldn't bid. Then I had my friend bid on the third one for me. Unfortunately she lost. Those first three went for the amount of money in my price range. The third one? It finished at $99 and the fourth one is sitting at $76 with seven hours to go. *sigh*

I actually looked around to see if I could find it elsewhere. I did. For anywhere between $170 and $250! So there goes that out the window.

However. The book was written in poetry form and I found the words out there on the web. So I may print that out for her and give that until I can get one for her, hopefully, next year. And if any of you out there are aware of some one who has this book and wants to sell it would you please let me know?

It's a really cute story so I thought I would share it here as well. Enjoy!


Let's pretend there was a boy, and Davey was his name,
Whose family lived in Bethlehem when Christmas time first came.
Davey had a special pet--a donkey small and gray,
And what the two of them did best was getting in the way!

Davey named the donkey Tim. He never rode him though.
Either Tim was built too high or Davey was too low!
Davey's father had an inn where people came to stay;
And lots and lots and lots of them were coming there one day.

His father was as busy as six or seven bees!
So Davey said, "I want to help, can't I do something, please?
Tim would like to help you, too.
Find a job for us to do!"

"Listen, son," his father said; "Last week you broke three jugs.
You scared my two best customers with your pet lightening bugs!
You tracked in mud on my clean floor; you tripped and dropped the bread.
And though I loved the fish you caught--why leave them on my bed?

I've put up with your helpfulness as long as I am able.
So do me one big favor now, get out--and clean the stable!"

Davey sadly went and stood beside the stable door
It hardly seemed that anyone could clean that dirty floor.
He and Tim both felt so bad they started in to cry--
But then (thought Davey), "Yes, we can! Well, anyhow--let's try.

First, let's chase those chickens out. That's what we've got to do."
So, Tim began to flap his ears while Davey shouted, "Shooooo!"
The chickens clucked and flew and ducked, they fluttered wild and scary,
Until their feather filled the air, like snow in January

Yes, Davey chased those chickens out, He and Tim together.
But now he had to get a sack and pick up every feather!

You should have seen how hard they worked! They stacked up all the wheat,

They straightened up the harnesses until they were nice and neat.
They fought with spiders bravely till they chased out every bug.
And since we must admit the truth--they broke another jug!

The very biggest job of all was stacking up the hay.
Davey climbed up to the loft and put it all away.
Look, Tim, You see how high it is? I'll make just one more trip."
Then clear up by the stable roof his feet began to slip!

Down came the hay and Davey, too. The stable looked so queer˜
All you could see was piles of hay--one sandal, and one ear!
Slowly they came out on top, and Davey didn't whine,
Though hay stuck out all over him just like a porcupine!

He put the hay all back again and stacked it up with care--
But left one armload down below to fill the manger there.

So Davey's work was done at last, and when it all looked neat
He picked some flowers to trim the barn, and some for Tim to eat.
"I hope it's clean enough," he thought. "At least I did my best."
And feeling very, very tired, he curled up for a rest.

Who woke up Davey from his sleep? Just guess them if you can.
Mary was the woman's name; Joseph was the man,

Mary said, "Oh Joseph, look! This is a lovely place!"
Then, seeing Davey there, she said, with shining face,
Your father's inn had no more rooms; tonight we're staying here.
So tell me now, are you the boy who cleaned the stable, dear?
And did your donkey help you work? We want to thank him, too."
Though Davey was still half-asleep, his heart was glad clear through.

So, that is how a little boy two thousand years ago,
Stayed on to hear the angels sing, and see the Star aglow.

As soon as Baby Jesus came to use the manger bed;
Then Davey's sack of feathers made a pillow for his head.
No one told Davey anymore that he was in the way.
His work had helped get ready for the world's first Christmas Day!


Erin said...

I was going to write about this book on my post today!!! But I didn't because I only have a photocopy of the book and not the original. They need to bring it back into publication, don't they? I love this book. I read it in Sharing Time two weeks ago and cried. Thanks for typing the story on your post!

Brooke said...

You just made me cry. What a precious book. I've never heard it before. I love the books at Christmas.

Unknown said...

What a sweet little story. I love Christmas books,and the vintage pictures....forget it! You have gotta find thisb ook! (and take good care of the one you have) maybe if you wait during the year you could get it for cheaper than you can during the holiday season. Good luck either way!

Anonymous said...

I love this story!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!♥

the fowlers said...

i remember this story.
it's definitely grandma's style - she always has the most beautiful stories and somehow she always makes them so memorable.

do you happen to have all the lyrics to the song she used to sing us when we were kids? you know, "hold your head up high"?
i can never remember all the words. will you send them to me if you have them?

Kristina P. said...

Shanna, I have never even heard of this book! It's adorable!

I'm glad you were able to figure out a way to give it to your mom. What a sweet gift.

Anonymous said...

How sweet. That is beautiful cover art, too. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love kids' books. Especially ones that hold so much sentiment from childhood readings of them. sigh There's magic in those books.

I know it's a copyright violation and all, but.... does your library have a copy? You could photocopy some of the pictures to go along with your words. Or copy the whole book if you're feeling particularly naughty. ;) It's for a good cause!

Lorie said...

What a cute poem/book!

I hope you can find it for a reasonable price! It sounds like a great present!!

Brittany Marie said...

What a cute story! I love the vintage pictures too!

Teresa Jordan said...

As a teacher, I do a lot of book shopping, so I will keep my eyes out for you.
I love anything vintage and this definitely qualifies. What a beautiful book. I hope you can get your hands on one.

Margie Summers said...

Amazing... just last night, for reasons I can't put my finger on, I suddenly remembered this book I got for Christmas as a kid and tried to remember how the poem went. When I came online today, I googled a line I happened to remember and your blog came up. I have the book somewhere, I'm sure, but it's in as bad a shape as you describe yours to be. I agree, they should reissue it! I loved the pop-ups and the donkey's little panniers... as I recall, it came with stuff you could put in them. Thanks so much for posting the text!

Anonymous said...

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vj said...

I began reading this book to my granddaughter, now 2 1/2 years old last Christmas and she just loves it. We didn't put it away at the end of the season as she never tired of hearing it. The illustrations are beautiful! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the poem. I attended a Christian Day school growing up and the boys said this poem. This yr for Christmas I am doing a Christmas program with the children at church and wanted to have them say it. Can't wait to read it to them!!!

Naomi said...

I am not sure that your blog is still running. I came across your writing as I held a copy of Davey and the First Christmas. I wondered if you every found one for your mom.