Friday, December 19, 2008

Needs and Wants

I've seen this a couple of times around bloggerdom and thought it was interesting. Go Google your name and needs/wants after it. Here's my list.

Shanna get over herself (that is true some days)

Shanna needs... to proof read (yeah that's always a good idea)

Shanna needs... to go home to her kids (I'm pretty much here with them 24/7)

Shanna needs... to keep her cool (amen)

Shanna needs... to keep up the color and keep the makeup simple (Bahaha!)

And now Wants

Shanna Wants... Ice Cream (um, not so much. I'm not a big ice cream fan)

Shanna wants... a good relationship (who doesn't?)

Shanna wants... wants her children to understand and appreciate diversity (which is hard to accomplish in Utah)

Shanna wants... and iphone (actually I want the new Blackberry Storm)

Shanna wants... more kids (not necessarily)


Anonymous said...

Diversity. That is one thing that makes me a little sad about relocating to Idaho from SoCal. With my kids, it wasn't necessarily about appreciating it as it was that it was all natural to them. They never took skin color into account. Honestly.

When she was in 1st grade, #2 came home crying because they'd talked about diversity and she was bad because she had no black friends. I said, Are you kidding? Her best friend was Mexican (she hadn't noticed) her uncle and therefore 3 of her cousins are black. I still can't believe she hadn't noticed that--but she hadn't. It was just her family. Some are blonde and some have brown hair and some have brown skin and we're all family. Since then we've also acquired an uncle from Guatamala. We're a regular UN, I guess.

But up here? Mostly white. Some hispanics. I've hardly seen a black person. But I did hear a woman in her 40s refer to one as a colored man. HELLO?? What decade is this?

I worry slightly about the younger two (7&9, almost) and hope that they had enough time surrounded by people from literally everywhere to keep a good head on their shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I want an iphone too!!!

Kristina P. said...

Ummmm, I had ice cream for breakfast. Clearly, I am super motivated to start eating better.

Erin said...

Those are all very good needs and wants. I need to proofread too, and I do want some ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Agirl is reading the same thing right now!

I'll have to do this, kinda fun!!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This is a hilarious post. The first that I have seen of its kind in the blogosphere, which means I am definitely not reading what I should be.

After seeing your grinch in your side-bar, I had to leave a comment. (He is just too funny not to.) I followed your advice and googled my name. Here is what came up:

1) Francesca has special needs.
2) Francesca needs a middle name.
3) Francesca needs the girls' help to get her Magic Football back.

I don't think it worked, especially after reading #1. :)


Lara Neves said...

this was the first ever meme I did on my blog 4 years ago! I still think it's hilarious. You got some good ones.

the fowlers said...

the only one that came up for bradie (spelled right and gender correct) is this:

bradie needs to pull her own weight.

ha ha ha.

Mary said...

The first one was: Mary needs the Lamb in School.

I vow never to give my kids a name that is in a song!!!

I love my Blackberry Curve...and really want to try the new Storm!