Monday, July 28, 2008

Changed My Mind

I was going to blog this morning about a man who made some comments about Autism that were, to me, hateful. Instead I decided to not spread the hate and only give that man a passing mention. I decided to change my mind and spread something much better. I decided to spread hope and love and life.

I'm dedicating this blog to Randy Pausch who is someone I would much rather write and think about. He passed away on Friday after battling Pancreatic cancer. In that time he gave what has come to be know as The Last Lecture at Carnegie Mellon University. The lecture was originally entitled "ReallyAchieving Your Childhood Dreams" Someone uploaded it to UTube and it took off. (You can watch the video here The Last Lecture). Then a book was written by the same name.

I only found out about it on the trip that my husband and I took for our anniversary. We had wandered into a book store to pass some time and the book was sitting there. I picked it up with interest and Ty told me about it. About how this man had Pancreatic Cancer and how he was choosing to live his life instead of waiting to die. We didn't buy the book and I promptly forgot about it until this morning when I turned on GMA and they were doing a story about Randy because of his passing. I now have my name on the waiting list at our local library for the book. And I am hoping to find time to watch the actual video on UTube today.

You may wonder why I would tell you about a book I haven't read or a video that I haven't seen. Well because just the idea of this man's philosophy touches me. I know that I don't live my life to the fullest. There are things that hold me back and scare me. But I want to learn from people like him. Learn to go forward and live life, help others, send love and beauty out into the world. So today I'm trying to do that by telling you about Randy Pausch.

Enjoy today. Love those who are around you. Live. Hope. And I will strive to do the same.


Anonymous said...

I think I know who the first man you were going to blog about is - what an idiot!

I have heard about Randy Pausch - sounds like he was an incredible guy who turned what could have been awful into something so very good.

Anonymous said...

What an uplifting blog S! very cool. thanks for sharing that.

sorry that idiot was able to utter things to you :(

that Randy guy was amazing!

Mark Lee said...

Great video. Just proof that it's always a good idea to change one's mind in the right direction.