Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

Today is Pioneer Day in the great state of Utah. It's the day we celebrate the pioneers coming into the Salt Lake valley. I am blessed to have a rich pioneer ancestry and am very grateful to those amazingly strong and fore bearers who gave up comfort and pretty much everything that they owned and the life that they knew, left their homes and made the journey across the plains. Because they were courageous and wanted to follow a prophet and were true to their religion I am able to sit here today and type to you in the comfort of my home.

Our family was able to participate in a Pioneer Trek with our ward family. We went out in handcarts, dressed in Pioneer clothing and were able to get a small taste of what the handcart companies went through. I know it wasn't anything close to the sacrifices and hardships that they faced but it helped me understand them and appreciate them more. Here are some pictures from that great trip that we took. It was fun and it was hard, most of all it was memorable.

Happy 24th of July. Thank you ancestors. I am who I am today, in part, because of you.


Mark Lee said...

I loved your collage, Shanna. Good lookin' pioneers, there! T really looks the part, and the kids have grown since I last saw them. Your oldest boy is practically a man. So where did you do your trekking?

Just SO said...

Thanks Mark! We went to a place called Mosida that is over on the West side of Utah Lake. The LDS church owns property out there and runs the handcart treks. I'm not sure how long it's been up and running but we had a great time. It was pretty flat but it was very hot. Thankfully we had plenty of water and everything.

Oh and J. is taller than I am now and quickly catching up with his dad. They all just keep on growing and growing.

Anonymous said...

S - Those are wonderful photos and the editing you did to them only added to that. Great job. :)