Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fried Chicken

So today I tried my hand at fried chicken. Yep. A good old fashioned Sunday dinner of fried chicken and biscuits with broccoli and cauliflower and a little bit o' gravy. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad. I don't know that it's something that I will cook on a regular basis though because it does take time and it is greasy. I just dipped the chicken in egg and then in some flour with salt and pepper mixed in. Like I said, it was o.k. Not great but not terrible either. I wish I'd have thought to take a picture of it.

I don't really enjoy cooking all that much and T. and I have been discussing going the once a month cooking route in hopes that our grocery bill might come down some. I do have some misgivings about once a month cooking because there are meals that you can't cook in fried chicken. And many of the meals that I have seen are "casserole" type dishes. Not that I don't like casseroles but I would imagine that they could get tiresome after a while. I need to go and surf the web and see what else I can find out about it. Has anyone out there tried this and have some words of advice?


Julie said...

Shanna I think you should do a partial once a month cooking... :)

Make a bunch of casserole/freezer type meals that you can use 3-4 times a week, and then you only have a couple nights each week that you have to cook... make up a good list of quick and easy dinners to make and you can do some prep for those ahead of time. (cooked ground beef mixed with sauces, chicken marinated and frozen... then you just pull it out- thaw and grill)

That sounds great doesn't it??? Now I just need to do it myself!! :)

Just SO said...

I think that's probably what will happen. There is just no way to do the oamc thing and have EVERYTHING ready for the meal yk?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a cook - no help at all! LOL ;)