Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I wonder

I wonder.
Just what am I going to be?
I used to be more.

More sure.

Time has changed that.
Time and experiences.

I am different now.
and yet..

There are walls.
(or maybe I should say more walls)

I have never 
really cared
for  walls.
Still there they stand.

They have surprised me.

Should they?
I was the one who built them.
Even disliking them as I do.

They are difficult to get around.
A maze of sorts.
At times even my  own thoughts
get lost.

My heart is placed at 
the center.
Will it be found?
Does anyone care to look?

Or, will they,
seeing the walls.
Getting a sense of the maze.
Just circle around 
the outside.

This is too damn hard.

I wish I were
brave enough
to break through the walls.
Or at least.

Give the finders
A map.
Or clues even.

But I'm afraid,
they won't use them.
Or worse.
They won't even want to.


wendy said...

I would want to

Unknown said...

I love you.

Unknown said...

very well done! Love it.

If you haven't watched Brene Brown on You Tube go there quick...she talks about beauty and truth growing after we let ourselves be vulnerable. It's beautiful!