Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stay Happy Dear Friends

Ormond Christmas Card 2012

The Most Interesting Family in the World
(reality in parenthesis)

Ramdas/Tyran -              He meditates vicariously through himself.
                  He drives across country in three days with the headlights on the fritz.
(Actually that last part is a reality. Ty drove to Florida in October for more yoga training and during the drive the switch for the head lights went out. He is still teaching yoga and loving it. And his students love him)

Shanna -                       When she takes a part time job, just one is not enough.
                                              Her pictures capture moments. In time.
(Shanna started one part time job back in October and received another job offer just a few weeks ago. It is one where she can work part time from home. She is gaining a new found respect for the working moms out there. She is the Primary Chorister and loves it.)

Jona -                                              With him, friendship IS magic.
He speaks C++ and Brony and German fluently.
(Okay, maybe not fluently but pretty darn close. Jona turned 18 in November and will be graduating from Pleasant Grove High in June. He just received his Patriarchal Blessing and is looking forward to serving a mission when the time comes. I think he is hoping for Germany where his dad served.)

McKenna -                                She can speak French in English.
With her, singing in the shower is a sold out concert for one.
(Kenna is now 15 and hopes to have a learners permit in her hot little hand soon. She loves singing and will be performing in her school’s musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie” in January.)

George -                                      One Direction asks him for directions.
           When Finn and Jake yell “Adventure Time!!” they are speaking of time spent him.
(George is wrestling again this year. He likes the workouts that he gets and hopefully there will be no concussions this year. He has constructed his own “Gilly suit” for going out with friends to shoot Airsoft guns.)

Jillian -                        Grumpy Cat learned everything he knows from her.
                                 When she builds snowmen the sun is afraid to melt them.
(Jilli will be hitting double digits next month. She loves reading, hanging out with friends and building things in Minecraft.)

Charlie -                                     When he chases mice, he doesn’t.
He can sleep in two to three rooms a night.
(We almost lost Charlie last year around this time so we are very grateful that he is still with us and healthy and happy. He wasn’t sure what to think when Shanna brought Vishnu home to stay but eventually he warmed up to him.)

Vishnu -                          When he wants a family, he adopts one.
   His purring can rumble the house and calms troubled souls.
(Vishnu joined our family this summer when he came running up to Shanna as she was on a morning walk. He immediately had this family wrapped around his little paw. Charlie took some convincing though.)

We hope that this card finds you and yours happy and healthy.
Know that we love and think about you, our friends and family, often.
May you have a wonderful Christmastime and may the New Year bring
you joyous smiles and the love that you each deserve.
Love, The Ormonds.

This card is a take on the Dos Equis commercials with "The most interesting man in the world" if you are confused at all by this post please to check out this and maybe it will make more sense to you.


Funky Kim said...

I just adore this card!

Shauna said...

So very clever!!

Annette Lyon said...

I can hear the voice in my head as I read the card. Even the picture matches!Awesome.

mCat said...

Love it! Such a cute idea

duckgirl said...

I love this, so awesome! :)

Jenny Lynn said...

I never do one of these anymore. I got out of the habit when the children were little and everyone was in diapers. Now I am not sure what excuse to give.

I love yours.