Tuesday, May 29, 2012

T- 2 days and we are still go for Cali...thanks to faith and prayer

With California just two days away the stress level is on the rise.

Ty is exceptionally worried about the trip, more expressly about the Durango actually making the trip.  We've had a couple of bad situations where it's broken down on him.  Twice in the winter but it was in four wheel drive and then once on another family vacation here in Utah a wire wiggle loose but we, having NO vehicular wisdom did not know what to do.  We had to have it towed. Needless to say the closer we get to the trip the tighter his back gets.

So there is much stress on his part.  And to be honest some on mine but I'm trying to think positive.  We've had it worked on, checked the spare tire, had the bearings packed on the trailer we'll be pulling.  We done everything that we can to make that Durango comfortable on this trip in the hopes that it will have an enjoyable time toting us up the coast.

Today McKenna and I took Ty's grandma to get her blood checked.  When I dropped her off I backed out of the driveway, put the Durango into drive, it had a difficult time going into gear and it made a sort of a grinding noise. I put it into reverse and backed up a bit and then gave it another go.  We made it a little bit further and the grinding noise was louder.

I made the decision to call my brother in law and have him come and asses the situation. I couldn't reach him so I dialed my nephew who works with him and I got through.  I told him, while trying to hold back the tears, that I thought that the transmission had just died.  I didn't call Ty as I didn't want to worry him until I had a definitive answer.

As McKenna and I sat in that driveway waiting for someone to show up I explained to her that if
transmission had gone out then the trip to California would have to be canceled.  I suggested that we say a prayer but as I closed my eyes my throat closed up and the tears welled over.  Then McKenna offered to say the prayer and gratefully I nodded my head.  She gave a wonderful, simple prayer.  Asking that the problem with the Durango wouldn't be serious so that we could still make the trip.  She also said, with a pure faith and understanding (and a little catch in her throat), that if it was the Lord's will that we were supposed to stay home that we would understand.

My nephew sent my brother in law to the rescue.  He pulled around the corner and I explained the situation.  He got in and put it in reverse and it went in immediately.  Then he put it in drive and tried to go forward and it wasn't moving.  He looked down, reached and pulled on the emergency brake release.  He looked at me and said "Your emergence brake was on." and "Your prayers were answered. There's nothing seriously wrong."

Now let me explain something to you.  That emergency brake had been put on that morning...but I distinctly remember reaching down and pulling it to release it. And I had just driven it to the next town over without incident.   I had not touched that emergency brake pedal...at all.  It takes quite a bit to actually push the pedal down to the floor to put it on.  Also I didn't tell my brother in law that we had said a prayer. (I did tell him after he made that comment that he had better believe that we had prayed!)

I believe that things were made right because of the prayer of my lovely daughter.  Because of her faith and her simplistic plea we are still a go for California.

The stress level is still up there but it's probably a little less for me.

And if you are the praying kind, or would just like to send us positive travel vibes our family would be very appreciative.  Because as the above story proves...prayer is a powerful, powerful thing.


Bonnie the Boss said...

prayer is a powerful tool. The nice thing is it costs us nothing but faith and humility. tell your cute little one thanks! I needed the reminder... I have a 16 year old that decided we are too mean, and tried to run away tonight. I prayed for his safety, and then the kids found him out in the garage. I need to remember, to thank. Good luck!

Kristina P. said...

You have had some hard journeys lately!

Barbaloot said...

I really hope this trip is fun and wonderful and stress-free for you!!

Shauna said...

"And a little child shall lead them..." This is a perfect example of why I LOVE the YW so much!! McKenna's faith is strong, because you have taught her to trust the Lord. And she put that trust to the test with her prayer. Perhaps all these little stresses (and the not-so-little-ones too) were custom made for your family to recognize it is all in God's hands anyways, so we need to rely on Him no matter what.

Have a fantastic trip!! You guys deserve it, after all this. ENJOY!!

mCat said...

What a great faith promoting experience for you AND your daughter.

Positive vibes your way and have so much fun!

tammy said...

Prayers are wonderful things.
I hope you guys have a very fun and safe trip!

wendy said...

That is such a beautiful story. It must have been a very humbling, sweet experience to hear your daughter offer that prayer.
I am so glad that the Lord heard this innocent prayer...and that you have the BEST trip in California !!!!
I know travel issues (with car problems) can be incredibly stressful. (been there done that)

Teachinfourth said...

Hope your trip was a safe, fun, and relaxing one...