Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hair we go again


Yep. Hair. I've never really had a great relationship with those follicles on the top of my head.  There are some days I'd just like to take a Bic to it and be done.

I have gone through pretty much every color and style that there is.  Trust me on this.  And if you don't believe me just ask my husband.  He loves long hair and when we first got married my hair was the long and I kept it long through the first part of our marriage.

Unfortunately for my husband I have never had any compunction about whacking my hair off short if the whim hits me just right.

Right now my hair is at THAT point.  The point that I always get to where the siren song of my stylist scissors is calling me.  (And by stylist I mean whoever is working down at our local Great Clips).

The call of the scissors began last night when someone was looking at me and I could tell they were looking at my hair.  I was thinking that I was having a semi good hair day so I thought maybe they would say  "Cute hair!" or something along those lines, not so.  Instead came the words "You have a lot a split ends."

I probably do need a trim but I didn't think it was that bad.  And because of that off hand comment I just want to chop it short and keep it short.  Along with that comes the thoughts of  "You are over 40 now.  Is long hair the right look for you?"  And actually this is one of the few times that I've actually wanted to grow my hair out.

And it seems like my hair will get to a certain length and then just stop growing.  And that's where it is at this point.

I think I'll just go get a trim.


susette said...

What is with men and their desire for their women to have long hair? I think long hair actually helps a woman look younger in my opinion. A trim is a perfect idea though.
Have a good day:)

Funky Kim said...

Happy hair trim day!

tammy said...

Sometimes it would be so much easier to wear a wig!

springrose said...

I actually trim my hair about every 6 weeks, it removes the split ends and just like with grass it promotes growth. There are also supplements you can get at Walmart ,or other pharmacies, it is called Biotin. It will help your nails grow as well. I was having a hard time getting mine to grow last year and started taking it. I normally have no problem with hair growth. My hair started at just above my shoulders last Jan (2011) now it is to my shoulder blades. And I have naturally curly hair so it is actually longer than that.
I say if you actually feel like growing it out do it, and who cares if you are over 40?! As long as you are taking care of it and it doesn't look all scraggly I say go for it!

wendy said...

Oh my, who would tell you "you have a lot of split ends"???
I loved that phrase "the song of the siren scissors" (or however you put it)
I go through this dilema all the time too.
GO long...nope, shoulder length...GO long....nope, back to shoulder length.
Hair is a BIG DEAL
IF I could carry off really short hair that would be great. So much less effort. But nope, shoulder length'
and I am super lucky, cause when I come to Utah for a visit, my daughter (the one you met) is a stylist and I get a good HAIR JOB for free !!!!!

Teachinfourth said...

Personally, I think you should go with whatever it is that you love.

After all, you get to wear it every day.