Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Possible Tattoo?

For the inside of my eyelids
or the back of my hand 
or somewhere that I can read this 
at least once every three minutes.

I'm at a loss.  I never used to feel this way.  It may seem crazy but I was WAY more confident and sure of myself when I was 17 than I am at 40.

I wonder what my 17 year old self would tell my 40 year old self?  I wish I could go back and talk to her.

Numero Dos on my BIG LIST is "Stop comparing myself with others."

Not doing to well with that these days.  But then I'm not doing to well any of those things on that darn list.  I'm not doing well with pretty much anything these days.

Except maybe Angry Birds.


Kristina P. said...

Man, it is hard! I think there are just different ways to compare ourselves to other women, now, the ultimate one being motherhood.

Barbaloot said...

I heard once that the things we are comparing are the things we don't like about ourselves. Like I'll compare people's legs to mine...but then it keeps me/us from paying attention to the awesome things about ourselves.

Erin said...

I hate the dumb comparison monster. I feel like I go through cycles, where I am pretty much obsessed with comparing myself with others, and then it wanes, and I don't really care for a while, and then it creeps up on (or slams) me. Maybe spending a little time each day doing something you truly love will help? I'm sorry you are having a difficult time right now.

wendy said...

Truer words were never spoken.
I have been comparing myself to others for 60 years....and just now, starting to back down on that.
So, if you can learn that at 40, you'll be 20 years ahead of me.

And the crazy thing about it is, The people we are comparing Ourselves too...are comparing Themselves to US.

Hang in there. YOU WILL prevail.

elesa said...

Ooh, I like that quote.

The Internet makes the comparing so much worse for me. Blogs and pinterest and facebook. It is exhausting sometimes. I feel you. I'm pretty sure Angry Birds helps, so you can feel good about that!

Monica said...

Ive never seen that quote, love it! I hope you don't mind, I used it on my blog.
If you do feel the need to compare, just know that I haven't been able to get past level three on the original Angry Birds.

Anonymous said...

Love the quote. I'm there with you. I also tend to compare myself selectively. I compare myself to the girl who is 20 lbs lighter, not heavier. To the mom who had a million things she's juggling seemingly well, not the one who's even more frazzled than I. Why? I clearly have more grace to extend to others than to myself. I try not to be judgemental of what people can and can't handle ... except when it comes to me. If you figure it out, please let us know how to stop this game. (And you're awesome, because I suck at Angry Birds!)

Tammy said...

Oh, Shanna, you are amazing! When I compare myself to you I feel I come up short in many ways. You are so talented and witty and bold. I have always looked up to you, even as a kid. I never would have had the courage to bite my teacher :P During the last General Conference, I heard this, (but when I went back and read the Ensign to find the quote, I couldn't find it, so I can't quote it verbatim). "Comparing yourself to others is bad (evil, wrong, prideful, it was one of those words) because you either feel like you are better than the other person, which is prideful, or you feel inferior to them, which is coveting." I hadn't thought about it in those terms before, and I felt it was really profound. Celebrate the great things about you, at the same time as you celebrate the great things about others. Forgive the things you are still working on at the same time as you forgive the things in others that they are still working on. This comment is really long, so I won't go on, but I heard about a little known parable in the Bible several years back, that really helped me with this issue, The Parable of the Furkins. I'll share if you want to hear it.