Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How goes it?

There is a very bad smell emanating from my fridge.
Exercise has consisted of me moving from downstairs to up (and vice versa)
Laundry is piled high.
My roots are showing gray at an alarming rate.
I can't seem to quiet that "comparative" voice in my head.
It's that 1/2 step forward and 7 or 8 steps back kind of feeling.
Germs have been waging war, and winning.

But I still have 50 weeks left to turn things around.

How goes it with you?


Funky Kim said...

I finally found a way to do morning pages. Quiets those darn voices in my head.

Jenny Lynn said...

Headed to the dentist this morning. Other than that, was glad to see 2011 disappear. Glad to find your blog again.

mCat said...

When you find a way to quiet the voices, could you share? Mine are getting exceptionally annoying

wendy said...

ha ha...good positive attitude....50 more weeks to turn it around.
I DO NOT have any suggestions, I have battles raging in my own head.
good exercies..up and down the stairs, up and down.

Jillybean said...

I have a bad smell coming from my laundry room and my dishes are piled high in my sink.
Also, I seem to be getting a bunch of "highlights" in my hair. (silvery ones)