Monday, January 26, 2009

My baby is now 6

I haven't been around much because we've been getting ready to celebrate birthdays at our house. Jillian and George were both born this month. Jillian joined our family 3 years and 361 days before George's birthday.

If I could do it differently I would have had them in a different month...if I could. January is hard because I am pretty much done with party stuff after Christmas. I need at least three months to recuperate. So I feel that they get gypped when their birthdays come around. I do try though so hopefully they don't feel that way.

Anyway here's to my new six year old. Not only did she turn six but she lost one of her front teeth on the day before her birthday. It's been a big week around here.

I hope you will indulge me a trip down memory lane. Here are some of my favorite pics of Jilli through the years.
Jilli came into this world weighing exactly 9 pounds. She was beautiful. They put her on my chest and she just lay there looking around. I remember one of the nurses commenting on how they had never seen a baby who was so pink. She was so calm and taking it all in but those darn nurses wouldn't leave her be. They said that she had to start crying so they started rubbing her down really good with some towels. That did the trick and she started wailing.

My dad and Jilli. They were buddies. She is very much like him. When we would go over to my parents house or if she stayed with them for a while when I had to help out at the school she was always hanging with Grandpa. Watching tv in his room with him or down just kickin' it in the garage. She loved being around him. They were two peas in a pod.

Here she is at our towns annual summer celebration. A balloon and a parade. It doesn't get much better than that. She's around 17 months old here.

Blowing out the candles at two.

On vacation at Bear Lake June 2005

Then came the buzz cut. It was about the fourth time that Jilli decided to cut her own hair. To me it was beyond repair. A big chunk out of the back that was almost to the scalp. So I took the clippers to her and buzzed her hair. She thought it was cool.

At three she had her first trip to the dentist. Which ended up at a pediatric dentist and six caps on her bottom teeth. Not fun.

A year after the buzz cut.

The first is the face I would like to capture in pictures and the next two are
the ones she usually gives me. This is her fourth birthday.

I had to throw this one in there because I have a very similar photo of me when I was young doing this exact same thing. Ha!

My silly 5 year old.

And presenting my new 6 year old and her missing tooth!

Happy Birthday Boog!!


Jillene said...

I love this post!! Happy Birthday Jillian!!

Lara Neves said...

She is truly adorable! Happy Birthday to her!

I love the picture of her with your sweet.

Mary said...

I thought I was the only child that liked to cut my own hair ;o)

She is a major cutie...start polishing your shot gun!

Erin said...

What a cutie! Happy birthday to Jillian!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to all your birthday babies. I love, love, love the photos. She is soooooooooooo cute! :) (I remember when you had to shave her head. LOL)

the fowlers said...

she has some of my all-time favorite faces. what a girl!
happy birthday!

Kristina P. said...

She's so pretty! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

What a loving post full of adorable pictures! She's going to love this!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday J!!!!!! she is so stinking cute

i'm erin. said...

oh Jilibean! Happy birthday...I can't believe the buzz cut...I never heard about that. that is hysterical

tiburon said...

Happy Birthday!! What a cutie patootie!!