Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shake It Up

As Ty and I were laying in bed the other morning all of the sudden I felt the bed begin to shake. I also have a lamp next to me that has little beads hanging off of the lampshade. They were swaying back and forth. The bed was vibrating against the wall. It only lasted for a second...maybe two. I had my back to Ty and I asked him "Was that just an earth quake?" His response?

"No. I was just scratching my ear."

That must have been some BIG itch!!


TJ said...

I'm guessing Ty isn't a very large dog.

Mark Lee said...

We are men. We scratch. This cannot be helped. Go, Ty, go.

Anonymous said...

LOL that is one big scratch!

Tyran, the Yeti Yogi said...

Have you seen my picture lately, my ear ITCHED! {chuckle}