Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turning Corners

There is a corner that I have been going back to. A turn that I have taken many times in my life. I have taken this turn less and less with the passage of time but I still have been known to make it.

(Oh you don't have one of these corners? It's just me?)

It is a corner that I turn when I am looking back on my life and wondering if I have made the best choices. I don't like making that turn. I know it's not healthy to do so. I should be looking forward. Moving forward. Not turning back towards the past.

Yesterday I came to that corner. And was able to walk right by. There was still an urge to look down that street that the corner leads to but I didn't even look. I just held my head high, my gaze forward and kept right on going.

My life is good.

It's hard but it's good and I love it.

I love the people in it.

And I don't need to go back anymore.

It would seem that I have turned a new corner.

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