Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aquarium of the Bay

 The Aquarium was really cool!

It's Marlin and Nemo!
Bubbles was there too!
Dory was a little shy.
And the those grabby crabs.
They had a cool underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk
where you could see all types of fish.
This picture shows you just how creepy rays are.
I took this picture especially for my friend Kim who has a
profound love of rays.
And when I say love, I mean they freak her the H. out.
The Jellies were there.  They are beautiful.
The colors and the shapes floating in the water just make you
feel like you are in another world.
Which I guess, technically, you are.
They have this little bubble that you can go up in to see the
Octopus up close.  This is Kenna in that bubble pretending
(or not) to be terrified of the octopus.
Octopi are cool.
Those things are scary smart.
If you don't think so watch any "Nature" type program about
and be prepared to be amazed.
George petting a ray.  Another photo I'm
sure my friend Kim loved.
Kenna petting a sea star.  Those things are rough!
Jillian taking her turn seeing what "Patrick" really feels like.

It was so fun to see these creatures up close.


mCat said...

LOVE aquariums! I think I could sit and watch jellyfish all day long, they are so mesmerizing

wendy said...

The water tunnel...NOPE, wouldn't have gone in that . I'd be all worried it would break and I'd drown and I don't like getting my face in water.

That face thing on the ray is bizzare looking.

Jessica G. said...

Aquariums are the best! Jellyfish are my favorite. So ethereal. And it took swimming with stingrays to make me not weirded out by them. They feel like wet velvet.

i'm erin. said...

did you know that I'm actually scared of aquarium fish. No lie. They freak me out. I just wanted to tell you that your kids are beautiful and your pictures of McKenna had me in awe.