Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I found out that today, September 12th, is National Day of Encouragement.

I love encouragement.  
I love giving it. 
I love getting it.                   

It's just a good deal all around.  So I went scuttling out among the interwebs and came upon this

Free Encouragement Postcards

And found a bunch of great encouragement.  I sifted through them and these are the ones that I liked best!

There you have it.

Your encouragement for the day!   Wasn't that AWESOME!!!
Now go, spread the encouragement.

Tomorrow I'll get back to Cali.


Funky Kim said...

I'm really loving your new job! It lets you blog more and share your awesomeness with us!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Those were awesome!!I might have to create some and give them to my kids.

Mary said...

Needed that today, Thanks!

mCat said...

Love these!!