Sunday, March 7, 2010

I want the other half of the story.

It's a story that's told in the bible. You may be familiar with it. The parable of "The Prodigal's Son".

Here's what I'd like. I'd like to know what happened after they had the big feast at the return of the younger son. Did the younger son stick around? Did he actually work for his dad on the farm? Did he turn his life around?


Did he stick around...just for a little while. And then go back to his partying ways? Did he get arrested and throw in Prison? Did his dad almost die while he was in jail. Did he get a phone call from his dad on what was thought to be his death bed telling him goodbye? Was he released but this time he didn't go home.

Did he go to his sister's house? This time did he stay around for a couple of months? Then after he was given help from many, many people, a job, his own place to live, food to eat. Did he still choose his partying ways?

Did he then get thrown in prison, yet again? Did his dad die just about a month before he was supposed to be released? Did he have to say goodbye to his father for the last time on the phone? Was he the only one of his siblings who wasn't actually there by his father's side when he passed? Did is family work like hell to get him an early release so that he could be there for his father's funeral?

Then did he, weeks later, turn right back to his partying ways? Did his sister cry to to him and beg him to do what is right? Did he then in turn tell her "There has to be some give and take?"

Did he end up back in jail a month and a half after his dad died?

Then, with two weeks left of his jail sentence, this time around, did his oldest sister die? Unexpectedly? Did he get his release on his own? Did he have an awesome "friend" who was willing to take him in and help him make it to her funeral in time?

Then....then did he decide that he wanted to hang out with those partying friends of his? Did he think that could do that and be okay?

I want to know.

I want the other half of the story.

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Vanessa said...


Omgirl said...

If this is a story from your own life, boy can I relate. Boy oh boy oh boy.

mCat said...

I feel you. I really, really do.


tiburon said...

I am sorry poodle :(

AS Amber said...

Love you, sweetie! So sorry you're having to go through this now.

Deanna and Gary said...

All you can say is "Addicts" and shake your head. They live in a world that is not like yours and mine.They really dont understand. Set your boundries but never give up on them. Sorry you have to deal with that, I had a friend who used to have a saying that I totally agree with. Addicts leave a whirlwind of emotional despare in their path. Keep strong!