Monday, January 25, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

So my youngest offspring turned seven. So let's breakdown the sevens of Jillian...

Seven things she likes....
  1. Her new Phineas and Pherb cd with songs from the cartoon show. (S to the I to the M to the P!!) <----------if you don't know what I'm taking about PLEASE click that link!!)
  2. Her cousin Blake
  3. Boxing on the Wii. She kicks some pretty tough butt in this game.
  4. Junie B. Jones books
  5. Syrup on her scrambled eggs.
  6. The Muppet Show. She wants to be Connie Stevens for Halloween....
  7. Helping me around the house dusting, setting the table.
Seven things she doesn't like....
  1. Pasta
  2. The taste of her vitamins
  3. Talking to new people.
  4. Stir Fry
  5. Cleaning her room.
  6. Not having someone to play with.
  7. Avatar. She was completely bored with that movie.
For her birthday she got a new Sunday outfit, a new school outfit, The Muppet Movie on dvd, the Phineas and Pherb soundtrack, UB Funkeys and a new (to her) bike. She wants us to put training wheels on it but I think we'll try to get her to give it a go without them first. I think she could totally do it.

We had the family party for her and George (his birthday is just days away) on Sunday and her friend party was today. Yes I survived. I wanted to do a "J" party with Jello Jigglers and Jammies and other J stuff but it didn't work out. (I had NO idea that it took THREE HOURS for Jello Jigglers to set!! I've never made them before. Does that make me a bad mom?) So maybe we can do that next year.

Here are some pictures of my lucky seven year old (you can click on them to see bigger versions if you wish)...

Here she is with her cake. As you can see we are not at all about the looks of the cake but more about the taste. Jilli put the candles on herself as well as the little smiley face in the middle.

Here she is with her new ride. I know she'll probably out grow it in the next little while but I figured it would be easier for her to learn on a smaller bike.

Checking out the Phineas and Ferb cd.

Giggling because Kermit is popping out of her dress.

Seven. Sweet, sweet seven.


Christa said...

Happy Biethday Jillian! Phineas & Ferb totally rock.

Christa said...

I hope you know I meant birthday. Posting cooments with an iPod is hard.

Kristina P. said...

No pasta?!?!

Well happy birthday to Jillian anyway! :)

Christa said...

Comments. I give up.

Emmy said...

Looks like she had a great birthday!!
Happy Birthday

Jules AF said...

I'm all about the taste of cakes too!

Nikki said...

She is SO adorable!

My 8 year old can't ride a two-wheeler yet. I don't think he knows that training wheels aren't cool. But he's been begging for us to replace the inner tube for a while. I think if he had the opportunity to ride it he might be trained by now.

I don't like Stir Fry either. And I hate not having someone to play with.

Happy Birthday kiddo!

the fowlers said...

She is looking so grown up! I love that outfit and that haircut. She's just as cute as could be.

I don't like talking to new people either, but I usually like the results when I do talk to new people . . . even if I have to make myself do it.

I'm also pretty sure I loved the Muppet Show when I was her age. We had an album with a bunch of the songs and we'd listen to it all day.

Happy Birthday Jilli!

springrose said...

Cute dress, and I love the smiles at this age, the missing teeth, or the to large front ones! Precious!!!

AW Cake! said...

Good job, Mom. It looks like she's completely happy and that's all that matters!

Fiauna said...

S to the I to the M to the P. Squirrels In My Pants!!! We love that song around here too.

Happy Birthday, Jillian!

Madalyn said...

O she is too cute! I also love her outfit! Happy B-day to Jillian!

mCat said...

She is beautiful and happy birthday to her!

Really on the jello jigglers? I knew there was a reason I never did them.

Jenny said...

Happy 7th Birthday!

Your not the only mommy who has not made Jello Jigglers, I officially won't ever after reading how long they take. :) When I cook it has to be easy and quick.

Anonymous said...

Hey- i think you did a great job for her birthday. She should be really pleased with the documentation you have here, when she out-grows her cycle and later :)

Happy Birthday- belated!