Friday, February 27, 2009


When it drops 10 degrees in one day it's no fun. But happily we have no snow in our area, just wind. And even more happily it's supposed to be back into the 50's tomorrow. Yay!

Today we have a friend who lives in our ward is coming home from Afghanistan. He's been gone for over a year. His wife has things arranged so he will have a police escort from the freeway and their street will be lined with American flags. I asked if there was anything I could do to help and was given the assignment of picking up 100 yellow balloons and putting some around their yard and the rest at the ward chapel for an open house. I will happily oblige. This man was my bishop when I got married and he and his wife are two of my most favorite people in the world. Two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

An update on the magazine salesman that I blogged about. He did not come over last night. He had to have two teeth pulled and he had just received the news that his grandfather had died. I feel so bad for this kid. He asked Ty if he could come to church with us on Sunday though and he also asked Ty if he would call him a couple of times between now and then. It has got to be so rough being so far from home and getting news of of loved one dying. And I'm not sure when he goes back. If he goes back at the end of this month. I hope that is the case. Plus having dental work on top of that. That's hard. We plan on having him come over for lunch after church.

It's probably a good thing that he wasn't able to come over last night because we received a call yesterday afternoon that Ty's mom was having severe abdominal pain and was at the hospital getting an MRI. She has diverticulitis and the are keeping her in the hospital for a couple of days on antibiotics in hopes that they won't have to do surgery. So Ty was at the hospital for most of the night.

Wish me luck with the balloons in this wind! May you have a great weekend.


Vanessa said...

It snowed 4 inches here. What is up w/that?

Hope Ty's mom is ok!

Kristina P. said...

So, it did snow? I looked outside this morning, and there was a bit on the rooftop, but no where else.

Brooke said...

Good luck with the PG wind, it gets pretty intense! Tell your mom and "Bishop" hi from us, we were talking about them last night. Your brother was part of our miracle baby Cael, he really strengthened our testimonies and I was really sad to move.
I hope Ty's mom gets well soon!

Mina said...

I hope things go well for the homecoming, your missionary efforts ad your mil. You sure have a lot going on! Good luck.

The Boob Nazi said...

Some got on my car, which is parked under a cover and right next to my house.... So I have NO idea how it happened.

Help Que and Brittany Adopt said...

We got lots of snow! You're luckeeeee. But I still wore a t-shirt to work today. LOL I'm going to pretend it's spring, no matter what.

Good luck with the homecoming and your magazine salesman. Would it be to forward to ask him if he would like a blessing? Poor kid.

Jillene said...

We had a ton on snow this morning--made me mad!!

Good luck with the balloons and the magazing guy!!

Hope that Ty's mom gets well soon!!

ramsam said...

you guys have al ot going on right now! Hang in there- and I hope all goes well the magazine salesman. What agret story.

Bobie said...

I hope the baloons worked out!! What a sweetheart to volunteer for that job in the freezing weather today!! I hope your mother in law feels better soon. I've heard that diverticulitis is AWFUL!!

tammy said...

Love that you are doing that for your friend. My sister's hubby served in the military before he was killed during his second tour in Iraq.

Love how you've kind of adopted the magazine salesman too.