Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I got all my sisters and me

Today I'm grateful for all of the strong, beautiful, amazing,
talented, smart and kind women who have influenced my life.

I am so very thankful for the women who have surrounded me with their love and strength and their examples. My life would have been so empty and difficult without them.

Let's be honest....without my mom (or my grandmothers or their grandmothers and so on) I wouldn't even be here.

There are also my sisters. My 8 amazing and beautiful sisters. Two who are my sisters by blood and six who are my sisters because they married my brothers and my brothers in law.

My wonderful second mother, who gave me my husband and treats me like her own daughter.

The lovely grandmothers, aunts and cousins who welcomed me with open arms (and continue to welcome me) to the family I married into.

My aunts who watched me grow and learn and my many, many cousins. Some who grew up with me and were close and some who were further away.

My incredible nieces who I've had the privilege to watch grow up.

The many teachers.

The women in my church.

And the friends....oh the friends.

Childhood friends who moved away never to be heard from again, but remembered in the far recesses of my mind.

Childhood friends who moved away but somehow we managed to keep in touch.

Childhood friends who stayed and who grew up by my side. Some that stayed by my side and some who I pushed away.

The High School friends. The college friends.

And the online friends.

Each of them have had joys and triumphs. Some, of which, I've been blessed to have taken part in.

Each of these women have faced their own difficulties and struggles. A few of which I am aware. Most, I'm sure, of which I am not.

As I look at the women who have surrounded me in the past and who surround me today I am continually amazed at their warmth, their wit, their strength, their many and varied talents and most importantly their love.

Without each of them I, myself, wouldn't be the woman that I am today.

So my heart is full of thanks today for these...

My sisters.


Madalyn said...

Your posts always make me smile!

Bonnie the Boss said...

That is an amazing list of wonderful women who no doubt have been touched my you as well. You are a great lady!!

Judi said...

this is beautiful!
All of these people are better for knowing you too!!!

Cynthia said...

Absolutely! They say that in order to feel 'complete', every man needs his woman. And every woman needs her man AND a great girlfriend! I am also blessed to have strong, inspiring women in my life. Woot!

Jenni Jo said...

You are such a beautiful and talented person! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us:)