Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh No She Di'int!

Inspired by other posts seen around the blogosphere.
Things that I SO did not do last week.

  • I did not want to smash my brothers cell phone to pieces during Thanksgiving dinner. That would have SO ruined the holiday. And cell phones are technology and technology is good...right?
  • I most certainly did not sneak candy and drinks into the movie theaters. That is totally wrong. And I did not ask my daughter to sneak hers in as well.
  • I did not completely lose it and break down crying during sacrament meeting as they were sustaining the new Young Women's presidency. Nope. That would be completely and totally humiliating. Especially if everyone knew that some (only some) of that crying was because I wanted to be working with the YW again.
  • I did not think or even mumble under my breath "There's no way in he** I'm paying $3.99 for a small bag of pre-cut apples!" to send to school with Jillian just because our school district has expressly said that all foods must be commercially prepared. I didn't do it. I completely support the district and all of their *cough cough* lovely policies.
  • I did not, then buy uncut apples and oranges and then cut them up myself, in my semi-clean kitchen for my daughters Kindergarten tasting feast.
  • I did not stay up late watching elf (and channel switching to watch Rock of Love Charm School on the commercials) while eating left over turkey slathered in salt and a laffy taffy stick because I'm cycling and need salty and sweet. I would never.
(Oh and the only reason it's a Miley Cyrus picture there at the top was because it was the only one I could find that really represented the "Oh no she di'int!" theme. If anyone has a better picture I could use for future posts email me!)


Brooke said...

Do they really make you send comercially prepared food? Like, in their lunches and stuff? I have also NEVER snuck treats and pop into the movies. Not even last week.

ramsam said...

I hate the school district rule! I miss the days of gooey frosted cupcakes on birthdays and Valentines! Booo!

I so love this one...I amy do it, too. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

Jillene said...

This is great!! I SO never sneak candy or drinks into the theater either--never!! (0:

Erin said...

That picture of Miley is hysterical! I totally laughed when I saw it.

I know how you felt about the YW presidency. I was put in the primary...again. I wanted YW!

tiburon said...

Loves it! Loves reading all the things you didn't do!

the fowlers said...

Rock of Love Charm School is SO awful yet SO GREAT.
I mean, I wouldn't actually know. I didn't see a full episode . . . and I absolutely did not watch an episode three times just because I missed a few minutes at the beginning the first and second time I watched it. I didn't ever stay up late just to see why Brandi C. really spit in Destiney's face.
I really don't know anything about the show. :) (wink wink)

Guilty pleasures.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, Rock of Love.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Nope I don't lose it in sacrament meeting for the same reason! Nope!....Candy in the theater? Nope!....How I feel about the pre-cut apples at $3.99? Ridiculous!!!!

Neurotic Chic said...

Rock of Love Charm Sghool!!!! Lacey is being a big fake now, don't you think? And the spit in the face? I have never seen such a, um.. "substantial" gob of spit in a long, long time. Blech!

Anonymous said...

Love it, there's nothing like free therapy!

Thanks for saying hi and I hope to see you again!