Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Weekend

This was the first Thanksgiving without dad. A tough one. In a way I'm grateful that he died near the Holidays so that we can get some of the "firsts" out of the way. Is that wrong? It's been just over a month since he died. In some ways it seems longer and others shorter. I had a cashier at the supermarket make a comment to me at how fast this month has flown by. That was on the 24th...the one month anniversary of dad's death. I told him he was right, it has just gone by like an autumn wind.

Thanksgiving Day itself was o.k. There have been some issues between me and my younger brother that blossomed last week. I asked mom to ask him if he felt comfortable with me coming over. He said he was fine with it. I wasn't, but I knew that mom wanted me and my family there so I sucked it up and went. Then my brother spent most of time texting. Yes, texting. Even during dinner. I tried to block it out but it made me testy and I made some comments to Ty that I wouldn't have other wise. Those comments made Ty upset and it goes on from there. *sigh* There are times that I'd love to live somewhere far, far away. But that wouldn't solve anything so...

Yesterday I took McKenna out to see Twilight with my friend and her daughter. This theater was totally different from the one that I saw it in first. There was very little laughter. The movie is better the second time around but I had more fun the first time. Oh and the lady sitting next to me this time was a hoot! She would have fit right in at the first viewing. Her daughter was getting mad at her for her comments and giggling.

After Twilight we were invited to go and see Mama Mia! at the dollar theater with our friends and thier mom. It was a BLAST! McKenna and her friend wouldn't even sit by us. We totally sang along with the songs. I hear that they are coming out with the sing along version. I would love to go to that!

And today was the long awaited trip to Salt Lake to see Into the Woods. The Hale Center Theatre did an amazing job! It was great. I love that play. George was a bit bored by it all but they had a few things that he was impressed by. I had to try not to cry as they sang the last few songs. The one especially reminded me of dad. Here is the song No One is Alone, from the Broadway musical, Into the Woods.


Anonymous said...

Holidays times are hard. My mom passed away about 4yrs ago. That was the year that the holidays stood still and it seemed that the heart ache would never end... It's still hard.

Erin said...

I have a difficult time with my younger brother frequently too. I'm sorry for the difficulties. And with the loss of your dad too. My husband's dad died three years ago in December. We'll be thinking of you this holiday season.

Kristina P. said...

I think a lot of people have problems with their families over the holidays, but no one posts about them.

My parents are sort of absent in our lives, so I have to step up and make sure my siblings have some place to go.

tiburon said...

I know a lot of people have a tough time during the holidays. I am sorry to hear that the wounds are so fresh. Hopefully you can make some memories this year and heal a little.