Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plaskett Creek and Sand Dollar Beach

 Plaskett Creek is a beautiful campground.  I think most, if not all,of the sites there had lovely green grass and trees.  It was super quiet and peaceful, even with a youth group playing games about half the camp ground away.  It was like the trees just absorbed the sound.  SO beautiful.
Kenna on the road that went around the campsite.
This was the view as you drove out of the camping area
 We did get in trouble for stringing up clothesline between two trees though.  We got it up and almost immediately they informed us we had to take it down.  So we put up a ladder and draped our towels and wet things over that and on the bars of our tent.

One of the things that Ty wanted to do was to watch the sunset into the ocean.  I thought that this was a fabulous idea so that evening after dinner we went across the PCH (which isn't very busy in that area) and down to Sand Dollar Beach
There were these beautiful fields of yellow flowers up on the
bluff above the beach.
On the trail down to watch the sun set.
You have to go down a large set of stairs to get to the beach.
This is the view from the top of the stairs.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.
My family silhouetted against the sun setting into the ocean.

Almost gone.
And gone.
It was a really neat experience to sit on the rocks and watch the sun sink into the ocean.  The part where we were sitting was very rocky.  But the rocks were round and smooth from the wear of the ocean.  One thing that was exceptionally cool was hearing the rocks as the rolled against one another when the waves would come in and out.

It sounded like applause.  I have a video of it that I may post, but I don't have access to it here at my work.

That night was a lovely night.  We went back to the tent and went to sleep in that quiet.  The next morning we woke up broke camp and drove down to the entrance to Sand Dollar Beach so we could spend a little bit more time there.

These are the stairs going down to the beach.
Looking out to the ocean from the path
George being George
George found this huge piece of seaweed that had washed
up on shore and started using it like a whip.
There was a man there fishing from the shore.  He had a
cool straw hat on.  I asked him what he was fishing for
and I think he said Perch.
Jillian and George walking on the beach
Kenna and the shells that she found.
She actually did find a small sand dollar
just as we were getting ready to head
back to the car for the next leg of our

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