Thursday, September 13, 2012

On the One

In planning our California trip we made a conscious decision to drive on Highway one up the coast.   

 Making that decision consisted of thinking that most of the drive would look like this...

Or like this....

Much to our surprise the PCH does NOT look like that for much of the way. 

Here is  what it does look like...

Stretches where you can't even see the ocean
We saw Superman
There were many of these signs along the way.
Apparently Batman has fallen on hard time in Orange County.
Here he is pushing Atomic Boxing.
We drove right past the Los Angeles Airport.
This is on PCH!  Who knew?  Not us!

There were Power Rangers out on the sidewalks as well

Dogs like riding on the PCH as well.
This was all on our way to Leo Carillo beach.  This beach is SO nice.  The camping area reminded me of Utah and then you walk underneath the PCH to get to the beach.  I would LOVE to go back there someday.  Because by the time we got there and got camp set up and had dinner and had a chance to walk out to the beach it was almost dark.

This is the only beach shot we got at Leo Carillo but I do like it. 

More tomorrow!


Monica said...

That's funny!

mCat said...

I actually love the small stretch of PCH between Camp Pendleton and Long Beach airport. There are sections that are positively stunning!

tammy said...

I had no idea it ran by LAX either. I loved seeing your pics. Too funny.