Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Half Moon Bay

Our next stop was Half Moon Bay.  This was the day that it was SO incredibly windy.  We got there and got the tent set up.  As we were checking things out I noticed that they had animal proof garbage cans throughout the camping area.  This was basically right next to the beach so I was a little confused.  Why would they need these types of garbage cans?  Did they get bears around here?  Were the seagulls extra aggressive?

We got things set up and George REALLY wanted to try out the wet suit and the Boogie board here on this beach.  It was only in the 50's temp wise and I tried to dissuade him but he was going to do it.  So he put on the wet suit (which I think that George thought the wet suit was going to make it so he wouldn't get cold) grabbed the board and we headed down to the beach.

I do have a video of this valiant attempt.  It involves George hitting the water, going for one ride and  screaming like a little girl.  It was pretty awesome.

That night we learned why they have the animal proof garbage cans.

Because of the garbage cans I suggested we put all of the coolers in the trailer and tarp it up, which we did.  Sometime in the night I awoke to the sounds of something messing around our camp.  I wasn't sure what it was but I was but whatever it was there were more than one and they had started fighting.  Ty woke up as well and we said a few things into the dark in hopes of scaring them away and we went back to sleep.  The next morning when I went to get into our food coolers as I was pulling the tarp off of  the trailer I noticed that there was bread and cereal everywhere.  

It turns out the the campsite is home to the Long Tailed Weasel ( NOT a ferret as I first thought!)
Photo from HERE
These little critters had gotten up underneath our tied down tarp and into our bread cooler.  

Here comes the part that Ty just loves.  There were graham crackers, marshmallows, sugary cereal, white bread and whole grain bread in that cooler.  They ate some white bread and a little cereal but totally went to town on the whole grain bread!  Ty said "See even the animals are smart enough to know what is good for you and what isn't!"

We spent a time on the beach just walking.  It's a GORGEOUS beach!  Ty said that he wouldn't mind going back there and spending an entire week just at that beach.  I would have to concur. 
Jillian strolling on the beach
Kenna searching for shells.
She found the shell of a Dungenous Crab and the
exoskeleton of a VERY large sand mite.
Ty strolling along the beach
It was windy enough that we got the kites out and gave them
a go but it was COLD as well as windy so we didn't last long.
That and the tails of the kites got entangled so that was the
end of that.

This is what it looked like on the day that we left. The clouds had rolled in and it was overcast and a little morose but still beautiful!

Tomorrow....San Francisco in one day.


mCat said...

Another pretty campsite even with the stupid varmint! At least it wasn't a skunk who also sprayed everything

wendy said...

That must have been weird seeing those Weasels. Do they bite??

Jenny Lynn said...

The beach looks wonderful. I have not been to Half Moon Bay for years.