Saturday, November 7, 2009

The post in which I crow about the Rooster

Friday's. Friday's are good days. Ty works 4 10's and Friday's are is day off. After the kids have been ushered out the door to head to school (because the schools don't do 4-10's) we have all that time to ourselves.

On these days we take the time to go out on a lunch date. We have one or two "usual" places that we go to. Lately I've been trying to switch things up a bit because, although I LOVE Thai Village I need a change now and then. Ty's stomach has made it a little more difficult these past few months because it's decided that meat does not agree with it. Thankfully it can still handle fish and seafood but meat causes all types of problems. So Thai Village is a good safe place to go because we know the food is good and they serve awesome Tofu Curry dishes.

Yesterday when I posed the question of going out to lunch Ty was all for it. Then he asked the dreaded question, "Where do you want to go?" *sigh* I don't really want to go to Thai because I'm getting a little bored with sweet and sour chicken (non-breaded) along with Fresh rolls. So I scour my brain thinking of other places that might serve a good vegetarian fare.

And then my mind went back to this post by cjane. When I read that post I thought. I have got to try that restaurant! But it was a little bit further than we usually go for lunch so I kind put it out of my head.

But Friday. Friday was a good day. And the Rooster Noodle and Dumpling Bar jumped back into my frontal lobe and the idea of lunching there took root. I sat down at my computer to see if I could pull up a menu and find out if they did, indeed have something that Ty's stomach could...well .... stomach. They did. I sent the link to Ty who was on his laptop in the other room. (because isn't that how most couples communicate now a days?) He agreed that we should make the trek over to Provo to see what the Rooster held in store for us.

We hopped in our little Blue/Green car and headed down State Street in Utah County because Google maps said that was the quickest way. Google Maps lies. It said it would take 14 minutes to get there. Has anyone who actually makes Google Maps driven State Street in Utah County??? I think not. It took us 35 minutes. Not complaining because we weren't pressed for time right then and we were together so it was all good but just know, Google Maps lies.

Anyway, when we got there there were no parking places on the street in front and we didn't know if it had parking in the rear so we went around the corner and parked. It was a beautiful day and perfect for the short walk to the front door of Rooster.

We stepped up and were greeted by the owner Simy who seated us at the communal table. At first I wasn't too sure about that but it ended up being fine. Things were busy most of the seats were taken and it smelled wonderful. When we got the menu it was a little different from the one online and the one thing that Ty had been planning on ordering, tofu and veggie dumplings, was no longer there. There was, thankfully, another option. Spinach and fresh ginger with peanut dumplings. I was torn between the Bulgolgi Beef Dumplings (don't you just love that name? Bulgolgi? I do!) and a Ramen dish. In the end I went with the dumplings. It was a wise move.

Oh those dumplings were good. Served potsticker style and oh how I love me potstickers. But the flavor! Oh the flavor! And the dipping sauce! *sigh* I even tasted a half a one of Ty's spinach ginger dumplings (and I am not a big fan of spinach or ginger) and enjoyed those as well. The dumplings came with a small side salad. Mine was cucumbers and red peppers in a slight vinegar sauce and Ty's was apples and red peppers in the same sauce. (at least I think that's what the sauce was) It was a perfect compliment to the dumplings.

In the middle of our meal Simy came and asked us if we wanted to have dessert. She was asking us right then because if we wanted the lava cake it took 15 minutes to prepare so she needed to know. Lava Cake you ask? Yes.

Chocolate Lava Cake with Hazelnut whipped cream. Hazelnut Whipped Cream!!!! Oh yeah. We ordered one between the two of us.

We had come on the tale end of the lunch crowd so as we ate many of those who were there when we first arrived finished up their meals and left. After taking our dessert order Simy came back over to the table and said to me that I looked familiar. I told her that I have a blog and that I had actually heard about this place by reading cjane. We had a lovely conversation. Talking about the food and where Simy and her husband came up with the menu.

During this time the Lava Cake arrived. (And yes it deserves to be capitalized).

Oh. My. Taste buds.

It was Heavenly. Heavenly, I tell you. It's not very big but it was so richly delicious that it was the perfect amount for Ty and I to share.

Simy told me that her husband had a job up in Portland where he had worked for 11 years and one day he decided it wasn't what he wanted to do. So they moved down here and he tried his hand in the dental field. And quickly discovered that wasn't where he was supposed to be either. I'm SO grateful that they decided to go into the resteraunt business and open up the Rooster Noodle and Dumpling Bar.

When I asked Simy about their restaurant background she told me that it comes from their love of eating and good food. How cool is that? They try something they like and then figure out how to make it and improve upon it.

When I asked her about why they no longer had the tofu and veggie dumplings she told us that Friday was actually the first day that they didn't have it on there! That they had decided to scale back in some areas and focus more on others. She told me that recently they went to San Francisco and about the Ramen that they had there. This was why the had decided to focus more on the Ramen at the Rooster.

As ate I noticed the man next to us had ordered the Ramen. It looked good. I will definitely be going back to try the Ramen.

And the French Toast. Yes French Toast. On the dessert menu.

Simy recommended it. I'll be giving it a go.

* note this was totally and completely my own review of the Rooster Noodle and Dumpling Bar. I have not nor do I expect to receive anything in return for this review. Thankyouverymuch! I just loved it so much and think that others should know about it and give it a chance.


Tyran, the Yeti Yogi said...

Good food, goooooooooooood fooood!

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the review! My MIL lives in Provo so we can come down and drop the kids off with her while WE go out to eat. We always do Los Hermanos but it would be fun to try this place.

If you're ever up in West Jordan, I'd recommend the Red Rooster Waffle Company at Jordan Landing. They have some of the most unique waffles and waffle sandwiches imaginable. Fun stuff! I LOVE eating good food too.

Barbaloot said...

I feel so bad for Ty that he can't really eat meat! That's basically my first love.

Sounds like a good place. There's a yummy Thai restaurant near BYU that serves the BEST mango and sticky rice. I love it.

And I'm jealous about the 4 10's. What a fun way for you to spend time together.

Christa said...

I'm very hungry now.

Kristina P. said...

I hope they come up closer to me! Sounds awesome!

Amander said...

I'm going to have to try that sometime SOON!

wendy said...

WOW, that sound like somewhere I would like to go eat. I wonder how long --If I Google Map it--it would take me to get there from Didsbury, Alberta Canada??

Good that you and hubby each have laptops for communication purposes. (so funny)

and the question about whether or not to take the child his homework that he forgot ---ah, don't really know. I would probably take it the first time, but if it got to be a habit, maybe let them learn from it.

ramsam said...

Every time I drive past I want to try I will.
Thanks you for this great review! Sounds so great.

I love to text my hubby when he is in the other room. Fun.

Funky Kim said...

Just so you know, Dwaine makes a wonderful bulgogi. In case you want to know how to do that.

M-Cat said...

Okay, I'm not one for that sort of food, but the dessert you described? Hazelnut whip cream? lawsy, lawsy, lawsy

Rachel Sue said...

I really need to try this restaurant. Seriously.

Jessica G. said...

Somehow, the boring pasta, sauce and garlic bread I had planned for dinner just doesn't sound as good...

Omgirl said...

I really should not read posts like this at 10pm. I hit a late-night food craving at this hour and have to force myself not to eat. After reading this, I am dying for hazelnut whipped cream! Good thing the restaurant is closed. And 35 minutes away by State St.