Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closer to Love

Since Tiburon totally snaked the post I was going to do about Her Diamonds.... (just kidding Tib! You were just quicker on the draw on that one.

At least I still have this one left to share. I'm enjoying Closer to Love from Mat Kearney.

My favorite line part? Right off the bat it grabbed me with these lyrics.

She got the call today
One out of the gray
And when the smoke cleared
It took her breath away
She said she didn't believe
It could happen to me
I guess we're all one phone call
from our knees

What do you think?


Kristina P. said...

I like it! He actually sounds a lot like Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Wendyburd1 said...

I love flip flops too...oh you didn't mean the Old Navy commercial?? Oh the guy, I liked his voice a lot!

Jo said...

So true, just one phone call can change your world.

tiburon said...

He opened for Keane last week.

I wasn't really feeling him - if I closed my eyes he sounded like Chris Martin from Coldplay.

I might just give him another chance now though - since I don't have the anticipation tainting my view...

ramsam said...

I have a bunch of his stuff on my computer because my nephew gave me his CD, and I like him, but I have to say the album I have hasn't grabbed me yet, he sounds great, but for some reason I just haven't craved his voice Keane, on the other hand......

Lee said...

I only have one of his songs, but I really like his voice.
Now I want to download more...