Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Much?

Watch the video. It's pretty short. My son says "Put it on your blog!".

And tonight after getting home from Jona's 8th grade completion ceremony. (basically a graduation program from 8th to 9th grade) He then tells me I need to update my blog.

So yah.

Blog Much?

Here he is receiving his certificates from the Jr. High school principal.
Right now Jona is at a part and a dance to celebrate his accomplishments. A DANCE!!! With girls and everything. (He just came home and informed me that he did indeed dance with a girl. And that he also danced to Don't Stop Believing and Eye of Tiger. In his words "It was the best hour and a half of my life.")

Jona got five separate awards tonight. They didn't announce each award for each student they had a power point presentation that had the kids' names on them and what awards they were receiving.

He got an award for attendance. He had no unexcused absences, he did miss a couple of days but they were excused, he got an outstanding citizenship award and he received his 8th grade completion award. He passed all of his classes. Here he is showing off his Completion Award.

On top of those he got a Certificate of Outstanding Performance on the Iowa Tests. He was in the top 10 percent in Social Studies and in the Total Composite.

And he also received a special Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in History. He gave an oral report on the Battle of Normandy and the teacher was so impressed with his knowledge of the subject he got a 230 out of a possible 200. He LOVES History and wants to be the teacher's aide in that class next year. Here he is with his History certificate.

I am very grateful that my kids do well in school and enjoy it.

also got one of the Certificates of Outstanding Performance on the Iowa tests. She was in the top 10 percent for Science and the Total Composite.

And Jilli was on the honor roll this term.

And George makes a pretty darn good bouncing baby.

So I blogged about it. Now I can let my kids know.

They are such slave drivers.

Oh and as an aside, I am finding it hard to come up with the time to read and comment on all the blogs that I would like to. I'm reading here and and commenting there. And once the kitchen painting gets started in earnest. Which I'm hoping will be on Saturday then I will probably me MIA until it's finished. I'll try to pop in and out when I can. Sunday may be my "Catch up on reading blogs" day.


Debbie said...

HAHA! I love that video! At first I thought he was doing a dinosaur or something. :)

Warms a moms heart to see the kids doing so fabulous in school (and enjoying it along the way). You're such a fabulous mom!

Neurotic Chic said...

Great job, kiddos!

(Come read my blog sometime, lady!)

Emmy said...

Lol! Love the video, kids are funny!

Christa said...

I loved the video. Boys are so crazy! It's hillarious that they're now telling you what to put on your blog.

Next, I think Jona looks exactly like your husband.

Congratulations to all of your kids ontheir academic achievements. That's fantastic!

susette said...

Taking time off is totally understood. We've all done it. It just means there is more to life than blogging, as it should be.

I can't believe that 8th grade son is that young. He totally looks high school age.

I think it's pretty hilarious when the kids either want you to put stuff on your blog or when they get older like mine they fear stuff getting put on. Oh sheesh!!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the painting. That's exciting stuff to get fresh coats of paint. ☼

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

It makes me happy when I hear about kids loving school...even if it isn't my kids, yet. And congrats on the new kitchen paint job. Will there be pictures?!

SO said...

Oh yes. There will be pictures.

Melissa said...

Well done kids!!

AS Amber said...

OK, that bouncing baby video looks like perhaps the baby was bounced on his head. My 10 yr old sone does those same type of "dances". They're such ding-dongs.

And could Jona look any LESS thrilled in the first picture?? LOL

Sorry it's taken me a while to comment. I really do read. But when I read on my phone it's a pain to comment so I have to wait til I'm on the computer.

Let's get our kids together this summer...y'know for the KIDS. Not so we can hang out and ignore them.

Jo said...

George is a goof, he makes me laugh. And he got you dead on with the blogging thing. I love how excited your son was with his awards.

Melinda said...

Way to go! What super kids you have! I just finished painting my kitchen, (it took 2 weeks for me to finish) so good luck to you!

Becca said...

One day, he is going to hate you, really hate you for putting that video on your blog, and you will just get to sit there smiling! LOVE IT! And you're kids are so great! Good job mom!