Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lessons Learned from Girls Camp

Lesson #1
I actually can drive a vehicle that is pulling a large trailer. And I can back up said trailer if it doesn't have to be really straight.

Lesson #2
If you inform the camp nurse that if she has to do CPR on anyone it will be you, she will take the wind out of your overly dramatic sails and tell you that she's prayed and that nothing like that is going to happen.

Lesson #3
Even after over a decade, the episode of X-Files that introduced my brain to the Flukeman still causes me to hyper-ventilate when I have to use an toilet that doesn't flush. I would post a picture of my nightmare here but my children read this and I don't want them to have the same neurosis.

(FYI Flukeman is number four on The X-Files Top Ten Montsers . I have good reason to still have issues with him.)

Lesson #4
The song White and Nerdy applies to me more than I care to admit.
Lesson #5
Eyelash extensions may not be as crazy as I once thought.

Lesson #6
You can make an song appropriate for Girls Camp out of Beyonce's "Single Ladies". There is video evidence of this fabulosity but I do not have it in my possession at the moment. (That will give you something to come back for.)

Lesson #7
I want to be like her when I grow up. She had power to make the Stake Presidency and Bishops do the squirrel dance.
Lesson# 8
Vocally I would have made a kickin' Drill Sergeant. Personality wise? Not so much.

Lesson #9
If you bring extra batteries for your camera make sure that they are on your person at all times otherwise they do you no good. I missed some awesome shots at the water day because my extra batteries were up at the camp and I was down at the field.

Lesson #10
Earplugs are awesome for blocking out the sound of Big Foot (or a raccoon) going by the tent.

Lesson #11
When I roll over in my sleeping bag I make a similar sound to a bear walking around outside of the tent. Especially if one of the other leaders in the tent is already tense because of noises heard outside earlier.

It is possible to spell out names in the air with your hiney when playing Big Booty.

When you are in charge of running the Archery and you give the "All Clear" to shoot you darn well better be certain that it really is "All Clear". And if it isn't be prepared to jump in front of 10 to 12 young women with bows and arrows at the ready with your arms outstretched ready to take an arrow so that they don't accidentally shoot the guy that is still out on the range retrieving arrows.
Lesson #14
We have some amazing young women in our Stake and in our ward.

Lesson #15
You can have over 30 young women and their leaders in one camp for a week and have absolutely no drama. Our camp was a "Drama Free" zone and it ROCKED!

Lesson #16
My Stake President, who is a True Blue BYU fan actually does wear red, when the occasion calls for it. I had to get photographic evidence of this.

Lesson #17
That even in the mountains you can't get way from Bieber Fever.
Or Taylor Lautner.
this photo courtesy of Jessica Hayward

Lesson #18
Bishop Lucas from another ward in our Stake has some mad Russian dancing skillz.

That going to Girls Camp with my daughter was amazing!! As attested by the look on her face in this photo.

Lesson # 20
Our bishopbric is the bomb diggity!!! (<----see Lesson Learned #4) And not just because my big brother is the bishop. Every year on bishopbric night they go out buy us all pizza and ice cream and deliver it to our camp.
Lesson #21
This one was the most important lesson of all. And one that I've learned and re-learned every single time I go to girls camp. And I've been to Girls Camp a lot.

Each day we are given about 20 or 30 minutes where everyone in camp goes off by themselves little ways and gets a chance to study scriptures and spend some quiet time. As I sat down that first quiet time I started off with a prayer that I would read and understand what the Lord wanted me to know right then. I opened up my scriptures to the Doctrine and Covenants where I have been reading. I didn't start exactly where I left off I opened them up to a page that I had already read, probably a week or so earlier. And this is what I found....
Of course I changed the name in that scripture to mine but I know it was an answer to that short prayer I had just offered up.

It was all right there in black and white before me.

The Lord knows me. He knows my heart and He knows my struggles.

I know this. I knew this before I sat there in the mountains and opened up this book of scripture but I asked what He wanted me to know and understand and He showed me.

Of all of these lessons this lesson #21 is one that I need to remember and keep close to my heart.


sisterwendy said...

I truly missed going to girls camp this year :( I have gone a lot too :) I hope I never get too old to go and that there are many girls camps left in my future. Thanks for the mini-camp experience xoxoxoxox

Kristina P. said...

That is so funny about the Flukeworm monster, as I'm sure you are aware I have posted a picture of it twice, and almost was going to post it again for my post tomorrow, but I decided I'v scarred people enough.

Brooke said...

I'm a little bit concerned about #12, only because I have no idea what you're talking about, but it conjured up all kinds of images in my head. #15 is amazing, seriously amazing...congrats.

All in all sounds like a great girls camp! :)

Cheeseboy said...

My wife (YW Pres) leaves in less than a week. We only have 7 YW in the entire ward and they all like each other which makes for the least drama of any girls camp ever. Alas, it will probably be her last, so she is a little bummed.

I would LOVE to see our stake presidency dance. I am going to suggest it.

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Madalyn said...

I heart girls camp, very very very very very much!

Mary said...

Girls camp is always a guarenteed good time!

Amander said...

I just can't get over the nurse praying and recieving confirmation nothing would happen. People amaze me sometimes (and not in a good way).

the fowlers said...

oh, big booty!

there's nothing like nature for getting ourselves and our lives in order.

Tammy said...

I adore girls camp! I just got called to be a YW advisor down here, so I'm hoping by next year's camp that I can convince the "powers that be" that I absolutely must be at girls camp!

M-Cat said...

Girls camp is the absolute best. There are some experiences that you just can't get anywhere else.

I love your lesson #21!

Pedaling said...

every girls camp needs your added spice to the event!!
you are just the right mix of fun and real and crazy.
loved this post- love what you learned.
thanks for sharing.

that white and nerdy picture....hahaha

Jessica G. said...

Ummm...I think I know the girl in she and I share the same first name?

Omgirl said...

I was a die-hard x-files fan, back in the day. But I'm going to have to take a refresher course on the Flukeman. I can't believe I don't remember!

p.s. I WISH I'd had Taylor Lautner at girls' camp with me.

Omgirl said...

Just looked him up....Oh yeah! How could I forget Flukeman. CREEPY!