Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you wanna see the best thing to ever come out of Fort Knox??? (Or in other words, 39 reasons I love my husband)

Here you go!

Just want to wish my "warrior" a very Happy Birthday.
39 reasons why I love you (you being Tyran).
In no particular order...
  1. You can seriously rock a goatee
  2. Your sense of humor
  3. You have a cute butt
  4. You honor and respect me
  5. You are a worthy priesthood holder
  6. What ever you do, you do it 100%
  7. Even though you are supremely competitive you keep it under control
  8. You are a family man
  9. You have a voice for radio
  10. You use that voice to help lull me to sleep
  11. Your massages are awesome
  12. That you are named after a dinosaur
  13. You let me tease you about calling you T. Rex
  14. You put up with my furniture rearranging obsession
  15. You have great ears and you know how to use them
  16. That the kids come to you when they have owies
  17. You are better at putting on band-aids than I am
  18. The color of your eyes
  19. That you thought the song was about a one winged dove
  20. That you shoveled snow in sandals
  21. You like camping and hiking
  22. You still like to watch cartoons
  23. You sometimes use words that I have to look up
  24. You know the scriptures backwards and forwards
  25. You love garlic and aren't ashamed of that
  26. You let me use you as my own personal heating pad
  27. You believe in me even when I don't believe in myself
  28. Your standard random answers are "chicken" or "green"
  29. You are true to yourself
  30. You are willing to take risks
  31. Because your kiss is on my list
  32. You sing "Minimum Wage" awesomely
  33. You put up with my sense of humor
  34. You have common sense
  35. You introduced me to Taco seasoning
  36. You are an amazing husband
  37. You are a good father
  38. You are my best friend
  39. You Love me


Brooke said...

He sounds wonderful. You are one lucky lady. :)

Jillene said...

Aaaawwww....what a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

Funky Kim said...

Awww!!! I like him, too!

Emmy said...

Hope he has a great birthday

the fowlers said...

aw, you two are so great.
weird that you say he has a voice for radio. there's a radio weather guy who sort of looks like him. john wetherbee.

happy birthday, ty!

Madalyn said...

Yay for Tyran! I think you two make such a great couple. Happy b-day to him!

M-Cat said...

Beautiful post!!

Kristina P. said...

Your hubby is a rock star! Happy birthday!

Erin said...

What a sweet list! Happy birthday to Tyran!

Cynthia said...

He's a catch all right- hang on tight to that one! Happy Birthday from an annonymous internet stranger- that should TOTALLY make your day, no?

Tyran said...

Totally made my day!

Vanessa said...

T. Rex. That still makes me chuckle!

Jessica G. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only woman who still appreciates her husband's buttocks.

Gerb said...

Husbands who double as heating pads ROCK! I loved your list.

Jessica said...

Aw, that is so sweet! :)

Omgirl said...

that's a pretty awesome list. Luckily I adore my man or I might be just a titch jealous.

tiburon said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope he had a supefantastic day! :)

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C & A said...

Awe! I totally should have dragged myself to Yoga this week to say Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Tyran, and you truly are the best Yoga instructor, even if I don't get to your class very often. Hope this is a great year for you!!!