Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful for Me

I adore this song.

Here is a video of just the lyrics.  I don't usually like ones that just show the words but I found the lyrics to be so powerful...

"If it’s true beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder
Want my life and what’s inside 
to give Him something to behold
 I want a heart that’s captivating

 I wanna hear my Father say
 Has anybody told you you’re beautiful?
You might agree if you could see what I see
 Oh ‘Cuz everything about you is incredible

 You should have seen Me smile 
the day that I made you 
Beautiful for Me"

See what I mean? is this amazing song, if you have a minute take a listen.

And just so you know....
if you could even see what I see when I look at you?
You would see that you are beautiful.


wendy said...

Gosh, such a lovely song. We sooo need to look at people, (and ourselves...which I never do) as BEAUTIFUL.
who has the right to "define..or catagorize beauty".....It is a very deep and infinite thing.

Kim said...

Thank you.