Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Timpanogos may call you

Here I am your special mountain
Come to me, come to me.

I've lived in Utah all of my 40 years.
Lived at the foot of this amazing mountain...

And I have never hiked to the summit.
I've hiked the back part up to the first meadow
many, many times in my youth
but have never made it to the summit.

(The plan was to hike it for my 40th birthday
but late snowfall snuffed that plan out)

Well that oversight will be remedied early this Saturday morning.
Ty and I and some friends have plans to hit the
trail head at Midnight Friday Night...

(or is that be Midnight Saturday Morning??
help me out here)

and hike up to watch the sunrise.
That is the plan.
But we are also planning on taking it easy and not
pushing it too hard and heavy so we may not
make it there right at sunrise.

It's a 7.5 mile hike one way
from the Timpooneke trail head.
15 miles round trip

My question for you is....
Does Timpanogos call to you?

Would you like to join our little group
for this hike this weekend?
If so email me and so I'll know to meet up with you
It should be fun!

Here's a couple of other links if you want more info...


Julie said...

It IS a beautiful mountain. I have never hiked to its summit either. Hooray for you! I am a little leery of doing it at this point in my life given I have some knee issues. I did hike to the top of Mt. Nebo a few years ago before my knees stopped cooperating. I am anxious to hear how it goes. Take a picture at the top and ENJOY for me!

Barbaloot said...

It has never called to me and yet---I hiked it anyway last week. Hated it---there's proof of my hatred on my blog:)

But I hope you love it!! Just stay away from the glacier.

Brooke said...

Timp still calls to me 1000 miles away! I saw it on the horizon for over 6 months after we moved. I miss being able to look out my window and see here there, immovable and beautiful. Give her some love for me this weekend! :)

the fowlers said...

oh man! i have so wanted to do this for a long time.
next time we're in utah i want to try, but finding the time is really hard.

the fowlers said...

oh, and have a safe and beautiful trip!

Erin said...

My husband has done this a few times, and it sounds like absolute torture to me. I hope you have a fabulous time.

Annette Lyon said...

Timpanogos is a sign of HOME to me. Love that mountain. Never have climbed to the peak, though. One of these days. (Good this weekend--I'll be celebrating a child's b-day.)

Teachinfourth said...

Sorry about the rain...but I've done it before. It called. I listened. I was awesome.