Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unique understanding

I had the chance to go to a meeting of LDS women in our area tonight. It was a Tri-Stake fireside with the guest speaker being Julie B. Beck the president of the Relief Society. I wasn't able to stay for her whole talk because I was there with my mom and she fell ill so we had to leave and I only heard about 15 minutes of her talk.

But what she shared in those 15 minutes was something I needed to hear.

First of all she asked us some questions and had us raise our hands. She wanted to get to know us a little better she said. How many of you are or were temple workers? How many are single sisters who've never married? How many are widows? How many of you have children? Were a few of the questions.

She then went on to say that each one of us are going through a unique journey. No two of us have had the exact same experiences. And while we can talk to one another about our experiences and our journey no one can truly and fully understand what another has gone through(or is going through) because each set of experiences are so personal, so unique.

The reason for this unique and personal journey is so that (hopefully) we will learn to turn to the Lord.

That is where I got up and left but this is what I took away from that....

We can talk to one another and bear one another's burdens. And we should. But when all is said and done no one understands us the way the Lord can and does.

He has experienced everything.
Every worry.
Every pain.
Every heartache.
Every loss.

All the anger.

Every heartbreak.
Every frustration.
Every sorrow.
Every humiliation.
All the guilt.

All the tears.

He has experienced them all.

And He understands.

Turn to Him.

He wants us to share all of that with Him. He can ease burdens. He may not take them away but He will ease them.

He understands.

He not only understands all of those things listed above, He also understands...

Every happiness.
Every triumph.
Every smile.

All the laughter.

Every embrace.
Every kiss.
Every step forward.

All the joy.

All the peace.

And He can and will bring all of these into our lives if we can but understand.....

That He understands.


Kristina P. said...

Excellent post, Shanna. I've always likes Sister Beck.

wendy said...

and in your 15 minutes of being there....you have uplifted me.
thanks.....I needed that.

the fowlers said...

thanks for sharing. she gets me every time! i wonder if we can find the whole thing somewhere in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, wish i could've gone! love ya!

Barbaloot said...

Thanks for sharing. I love that knowledge. I love that whether I'm happy, discouraged, overwhelmed, there is always one person who understands. It makes life a little more bearable:)

Bonnie the Boss said...

I have learned as long as you turn to Him, He will be there helping you, he will put others in your path to help lift the burden you have been given.
Great post!!

M-Cat said...

I love this! And the lesson of being at the right place and the right time - even if for only 15 minutes is invaluable.

Thanks for sharing - certainly lifted me today

Missy said...

Love this!

Amander said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for the thoughts and the reminders.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

What a great post!!! I love Sister Beck, she blows me away every time!

LaurieJ said...

I was there that night and she was amazing! Sometimes you can hear the same lessons over & over, but then all at once you have an ah-ha moment. There were a few of those that evening :-)
And was your mom a darling lady in a skirt and tennis shoes? If so, you walked right past me and I couldn't help but notice what a sweet feeling she radiated!

Jenny said...

very beautiful, now that I am sitting in a puddle of tears. I have no doubt that it is time for me to turn my heart to the lord.

You must live in the same area as my cousin, she mentioned that she heard her speak this last week as well. Although she did not have time to share anything that was said.