Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer in three Parts - June

It's hard to believe that my kids start back to school TODAY. I haven't done a great job of documenting our summer hear so I thought I would do review. (I have June and July done but August is still in the main computer monitor is freaking out and I can't work on it right now. So you'll have to wait for the first part of August.)


June you were probably the most kicked back month. You began by having another member joining our family for a while. Our sweet "niece" Taylor came to stay with us for the month of June.

On June 10th you brought the joy of seeing my sweet sister marry an amazing man.
June you brought flowers. Oh the flowers.
They were beautiful.
June you also brought the second Father's Day without my dad. It was very hard. Harder than the first. I shed more than a few tears as I stood in the card isle at the grocery store.

McKenna decided that her hair was too long for your heat so she chopped off her long locks and
went with a short and sassy cut.

As usual you brought us Strawberry Days. This year we walked the Children's parade amidst wild wind. Then we went and enjoyed the Rodeo even though the weather you chose for that night was cold and a little rainy. We still loved it.

It was fun June! Thanks for the good times.

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M-Cat said...

Love me a good rodeo! And I agree. Father's day is always hard. No matter how many years have passed